During the times leading up to Christmas Day, we would like to hear from you! That is – all of you, from Leader all the way down to us foot soldiers.


We’d like to ask you all to send us your favourite Christmas story, your Christmas anecdotes, your memories of Christmasses Past going back as far as you can remember. You can write about your favourite Christmas Tree decorations, and if you’ve decorated your Christmas Tree with UKIP Rosettes exclusively – send us the photo!

You can send us a story about the best Christmas dinner ever, or tell the rest of us about the Christmas festivities your Branch celebrated this year or in years past.

Send us the versions of Christmas Carols you adore, or talk about the best Christmas films on TV, in this year or years past.

Christmas cats photo

Anything at all that has taken your fancy – funny, sad, hilarious: write it down and send it in.

We’re not asking for articles – your contributions can be shorter than some of the long comments you love writing.

We would like to publish your contributions starting from tomorrow and going on til Boxing Day – but that depends entirely on you! We cannot do this without you, without your contributions.

As you all know, UKIP Daily is run by members for all you members, so put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboards!) and get cracking! Even if you’ve been reading only and haven’t dared to write a comment as of yet: do take the plunge: you can do it, you can write – trust me!



Send your contribution to and we’ll do the rest.

Christmas trees photo

Photo by J. Javier Nerín.( Busy. Training orcs.)

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