I have been rebuked by some for calling David Cameron a liar. This was triggered by Cameron (and Tory Chairman Grant Shapps) calling the MP Mark Reckless a liar for switching to UKIP – without telling them before he did so.

So… I looked on the internet, and found that I was at the end of a long queue of people who had used the term ‘liar’ to describe David Cameron.

Here are just a few of the articles:

On the BBC Today programme David Cameron, the Prime Minister, repeated the claim that he had cut the EU Budget. His (Cameron’s) words were:

People say you’ll never be able to cut the EU budget. I’ve cut the EU Budget… I’ve got a track record of doing what I say I’m going to do.

This is untrue. In fact, it is so untrue that Cameron must now be labelled a liar. Cameron’s claim is contradicted by readily available statistics in official documents …

I sent a letter on Monday to ‘The Daily Telegraph’ calling David Cameron a liar.  It was not published, but I am not surprised.   For many years the DT was a moderately conservative (small ‘c’) paper – but carefully and cheerfully impartial.      It is now a mouthpiece for the Conservative Party, in the same way that ‘Rossiskaya Gazeta’ is a mouthpiece for Vladimir Putin and it is relevant to note that the English edition of RG is published as a supplement to the DT!

The DT editor (since they fired respected journalist Tony Gallagher in January this year) is Chris Evans (no – not THAT Chris Evans, but a non-entity).   He is a puppet, controlled by the Telegraph Media Group‘s editorial chief, Jason Seiken – an  American whose God is profit, and who (with the Barclay twins who own the DT) has chosen to back the leadership of the Conservative Party wholeheartedly, and to rubbish all other parties – particularly UKIP.

At the Conservative Party Conference, Cameron belched forth a mass of pre-election promises, pledges, and ‘cast-iron guarantees’.   I don’t know anyone outside the Party Faithful (and some inside) who believes them.

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