The answer, of course, is yes.   And I do like both of them immensely, and I support both of them. And however unpopular it is, I am going to stand up and write a response to the article by Alan Craig published here in UKIP Daily.

Nigel, Hero to Zero? Is that really true? Is that really what people think? And if it is, it is quite extraordinary because it loses sight of so much.

Nigel is an international superstar. He is actually more popular in America than Trump, and is as well known.

I was at ‘The World Economic Conference’ in Florida last summer. People kept coming up to me and saying, you know Nigel, that’s amazing. He is my hero: not  just one person, but hundreds of people!

Nigel Farage is better know in the USA than Macron and hardly anyone has ever heard of Corbyn outside of the UK.  Most of these people do not know what UKIP is, but they know who Farage is, people from Sweden to Australia.

And you can never take that away from Nigel. He has 1.2 million twitter followers and he is known all over the country and worldwide. Like him or hate him, he is not a zero and never will be. He is a hero and probably will be the most remembered politician of the twenty first century.  His name and reputation will outlive May or Corbyn or Kenneth Clarke or Brown or Blair in the history books of time. He can be credited with starting and spearheading the worldwide ‘Popularist’ movement.

And let’s remember one thing about Nigel.  He is a human being. He was a broke, divorced,and worn out, human being in 2016.  He is not some sort of robot. He had given his life to the cause of Brexit and more than anyone else, has a paid an enormous personal price for it. He cannot go out to dinner in a pub, nor can he walk down a street without security. It was Nigel that bore stresses that no other individual in Britain has borne.

Nigel got the country the referendum.

The 17.4m in the country are grateful to him and will be forever grateful to him.

And Gerard:  Gerard is one of the most loyal, hard working, honest, upright people who has ever led a political party in Britain. He is a true Nationalist and he has saved the party from bankruptcy and has put it on a sound footing.

Gerard is also getting worn out because of a lack of resources and constant stress and infighting.

The Tommy Robinson issue is one such issue and you can look at it from both sides. Yes, it seems outrageous that the police arrested him, when they did not arrest any of the people at the Lewisham East Hustings.  But it would appear Tommy Robinson broke the law after being given a suspended sentence earlier.

Ezra Levant is a well known, Canadian Lawyer and talk show host who  founded Rebel Media. He told me personally, that when Tommy worked for Rebel Media, they gave him strict legal advice and guided him all the time. It was the second Tommy left Rebel and went on his own, that he fell foul of the law.

Now the law might be an ass, but that isn’t the point.

If you actually want to help, send Ezra some money as he is taking over the legal team (see here).

Spending lots of time talking and arguing amongst ourselves about Tommy Robinson will do absolutely no good at all. Give some money if you want to help.

Finally, my other concern is distinguishing ourselves from ‘For Britain’.  If you really want to focus just on Islam, you can join Anne Marie’s Party,  which seems to talk about nothing else.

We should not be focusing just on Islam or Tommy Robinson for this reason:

It is not Muslims who are running the police. It is Cassida Dick and she was trained by Common Purpose. The biggest threat in this country is the loss of free speech and political correctness which is affecting everything and the police are at the forefront of this. It is not Muslims who think that the most important issue facing this country is the gender pay gap. It is Theresa May.  It is not Muslims who are fudging Brexit, it is Theresa May. It is not Muslims who are letting Jihadis back and not controlling immigration. It is successive government, after successive government , both labour and conservative.

Politics is about power and  about the order of things, playing a long game and getting votes.  If we move outside the Overton Window (which I agree is shifting but has not shifted that much), we will simply disappear. And knowing where that window is, is what Farage is an absolute genius at.

It’s an awful thing to say but we were beaten by the women’s equality party in Lewisham East and it was not because of a bad campaign.  David Kurten was the best possible candidate, We had amazing leaflets and messaging and Freddy Vacha and his team worked incredibly hard.  I sponsored and paid for a social media campaign which reached 56,000 people and 15,000 people watched David’s film – but it did not translate into votes. And if we cannot translate our work into votes, (which Nigel can), we are finished politically and become a nice social group, having summer parties and events in church hall.

Gerard is amazing.

Nigel is amazing.

They are both people who are heros and with whom, it has been a privilege to work.

Neither should be denigrated ever.


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