Once again, the very institutions we should be able to rely on to protect us have been shown to fail. At least 1,400 of the most vulnerable in our society were systematically, extensively and protractedly abused in a manner that defies credence – but, as evidenced elsewhere, not for the first time. What kind of country do we live in that this can happen repeatedly on such a scale?

The suffering of, and injury to, the victims is beyond my understanding, as is the fact that much of this torment could have been stopped, had it not been for one thing – political correctness. Yet again we hear the words “shocking” and “appalling” and “horrific”. But while children as young as 11 were raped, some repeatedly – can you believe that? – South Yorkshire Police and Rotherham Council were more interested in sustaining social harmony because there was an ethnic dimension to the perpetrators. This is the very same council that persecuted a respectable foster couple simply for belonging to UKIP.

Will the criminals be caught, prosecuted and jailed – unlikely. Will any council officials or police officers be disciplined or simply resign on a point of honour – almost no chance. In a report full of low points, this section detailing the police response to two cases of child abuse is perhaps the nadir:



Will the victims be able to put these horrors behind them – I dearly hope so.

I am sickened at the inversion and perversion of ideals and behaviour that has been allowed to creep into our society. It is now a nightmare where common sense, duty, honour, fairness, decency, justice, public service, free speech and so much else that was once good have been corrupted. The craven legacy parties caused this desperate state of affairs but I do not see any of them, whatever their public pronouncements, being able or willing to do anything to correct it. Time for a change.

Photo by Michael Branson Smith

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