Ed Miliband made a speech yesterday in which he said:

“If you want a politician who thinks that a good photo is the most important thing, then don’t vote for me.”

That would be the same Ed Miliband who only days earlier flew 3,500 miles to get a selfie with Barack Obama:


Miliband also said, with a completely straight face:

“I believe that people would quite like somebody to stand up and say there is more to politics than the photo op”

As he said this in front of a presumably hand picked backdrop of people representing multi-cultural Britain, it somewhat reminded me of Tony Blair’s “This is not a day for sound-bites. I feel the hand of history on my shoulder…”

But we must applaud Mr Miliband’s new-found disdain of the superficial photo-op. We will surely now see less of this type of thing…

Ed Miliband

Or posing with C list celebs:


And, please God, less of this:


Clearly Mr Miliband’s advisors have ‘focus grouped’ the fact that his (lack of) personality is playing badly with the electorate. He has failed dismally to play the media game, a skill that all politicians rightly or wrongly need in their armoury. He has made himself a figure of bacon-eating fun. He is now cynically trying to make a virtue out of his lack of charisma, by trying to position himself above such petty concerns.

The irony that he is doing this presumably on the advice of David Axelrod, Obama’s ex-campaign manager paid six figures by Labour to get Miliband elected, is lost on Mr Ed. His cynical strategy is to speak out against cynical strategies…

Fair play I suppose, you must play the game with the cards you’re dealt. Lacking any style, personality, charisma or natural leadership skills, it makes sense to ask people to judge you on substance and policy instead. This, of course, is what most of us already do.

On the same day that Ed made this speech, the news came in that UKIP had won a council by-election in Doncaster, Ed’s constituency. UKIP are the only party capable of beating Labour in many parts of the country, particularly the north. That UKIP are led by a southern, white, male, ex-banker, tells you that it is not spin and presentation that ultimately matter. It’s the policies that people look to, not appearances. Get them right, and you will win.

Sadly for Mr Miliband, as a serious, intelligent politician offering genuine solutions to the real problems we face, he makes a great photo-op.

Photo by bisgovuk

Note: Whilst the article is not a caption competition, if anyone wants to suggest captions for ANY of the pictures in this article, then fill your boots – just make it plain which picture you’re captioning.

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