[Ed: as introduction, please see the report on BBC Wales greeting readers this morning]

Nathan Gill, Mark Reckless, Mandy Jones, Caroline Jones.  4 out of the 8 UKIP AMs produced by the 2016 election. Every one of them betrayed the trust of UKIP members who gave them their privilege of being an AM.  All put their egos and personal ambitions first and walked away from the UKIP Assembly group. What an indictment of UKIP’s candidate selection process!


Caroline Jones’ resignation is just a case of sour grapes and frustrated ambition.  Having engineered a backstairs coup to seize the UKIP group leadership in the National Assembly, she was then overwhelmingly rejected in an election by all UKIP members in Wales.  That is the real reason why she has flounced out.


Sadly, her ego far outstrips her ability.  She cannot make a speech or even ask a question without ploughing laboriously through a script written by her researcher.  She was a disaster as UKIP Group leader, summarily sacking group staff without due process and refusing to accept majority decisions against her by other UKIP AMs.  In a few short weeks, she destroyed the cohesion of the UKIP group, demoralised the staff and was an embarrassingly wooden performer at First Minister’s Questions. She was way out of her depth.


She moans about “dignity and respect” but shows absolutely none towards UKIP members who gave her the privilege of becoming an AM.  She is now a cuckoo in UKIP’s nest and, if she had a shred of “dignity and respect”, she would resign her seat in favour of Martyn Ford, no. 2 on UKIP’s regional list in SW Wales in the 2016 election.


On 7 April 2017, after Mark Reckless defected to the Tories, she tweeted:

“MR has let the people of Wales down.  They gave him an opportunity to regain his political status. Now, do the honest thing – GO.”

On 2 May 2017, she tweeted:

“He really has no shame. Give the seat back to UKIP, Mark, so that the rightful person takes her rightful place and she is Sue Boucher.”

A few minutes later, she tweeted:

“He was elected on a UKIP ticket and NOT as MARK RECKLESS. Do the honourable thing and give Sue Boucher her rightful place.” 


Caroline has proved to be duplicitous and deceitful, interested only in power and position.  Typically, at about 0800 this morning, she was busily engaged in trying to re-write history, deleting all such tweets, which expose her hypocrisy.

But she can’t delete the BBC or Wales Online.  Wales Online still reports that, at 1300 on 6 April 2017, she told the BBC:

“The people of Wales vote you in for the party you represent. It is unfair to go to represent something else unless it is subject to the people who voted for you.  He should stand down as an Assembly member.”


Caroline Jones should now take her own advice and resign forthwith.  On grounds of selfishness, duplicity, dishonesty, hypocrisy and incompetence she is not fit to be an AM.


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    Can our branch chairman, county or regional organisers post details of any significant support they or their local colleagues have received from our well paid elected reps over the last six months please? In some counties I suspect the answer would easily fit on the back of a postage stamp.

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    From the BBC article linked to:
    -“”I never joined the party to be part of a far-right organisation – I joined the party because I wanted to come out of the European Union,” she said.”

    I’m afraid Caroline Jones appears to have fallen into the trap of ‘going along’ with the media narrative and their tarring of anybody (or any organisation) that does not follow the globalist agenda as being of the “far-right”.

    Any self-respecting UKIP member should know that UKIP is NOT a far-right organisation, and Gerard Batten is NOT steering the party in that direction.

    And if she only joined the party because she “wanted to come out of the European Union”, what was she planning to do once this had been achieved?

    • Avatar

      Continue ‘troughing’ as an AM?

    • Avatar

      Caroline would have remained a member if she had won the assembly group election, even if the party had moved to the right of Attila the Hun!!
      She has had an inflated opinion of herself, but unfortunately needed to be reassured. I personally feel “betrayed” by her behaviour and her pathetic excuse for leaving UKIP.
      But, never mind we have a task in front of us that will demonstrate that we have a will to prevail without her. And she is welcome to go into political purgotory.
      I have witnessed at first hand the naivety and the divisions within the group, and have been sickened by it all, that is why l and Hugh Moelwyn-Hughes founded the grassroots conference.

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    Since 2014 UKIP & its members have been massively let down by MEPs who have dumped the party but not resigned their seat (as they agreed to when selected as an MEP candidate): Bashir, Woolfe, Atkinson, James & Arnott. Many of the remaining MEPs have gone MIA. All our MEPs have earnt a small fortune in salary & allowances, will receive a very generous severance package next March & a fabulous pension (even those who’ve served only one term).

    The behaviour of 50% of the Welsh AMs is a disgrace. Just like the MEPs who left the party, none have handed back their seat to UKIP. Maybe Caroline Jones will given the way she rightly lambasted MEPs & AMs who didn’t, or maybe like them she’ll be a hypocrite.

    As if the aforementioned wasn’t bad enough we’ve had a series of disastrous Leaders not fit to lick the boots of ordinary members.

    I’m afraid that when I think of UKIP MEPs & AMs the words ‘chancers’ & ‘ troughers’ come to mind, which is a shame because a very small number of them have done a decent job.

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      Well said. Louise Bours anyone?

    • Avatar

      Absolutely agree It is very sad how self serving seems to outweigh all other considerations.

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    Whilst I enjoyed working with her on the NEC, I have great respect for Neil, and am more than happy to accept his version of events.

    Caroline was, IIRC, a firm believer that resigning ‘ Kipper MEPs should vacate their “list” seat when on the NEC.

    Regretfully, she should now do the same.

    • Kevin Baverstock

      No chance. Like all the defecting MEPs , all they care about is the money and the perks.

      Its not about public service, its about avarice.

      Viv FFS scrap the CAPTCHA thing. Its now 15- 30 attempts and I know what a traffic light looks like…

      • Avatar

        I think he’s trying to tell you something.

        Or, take your gloves off.

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    I have always been a team player, as in Rugby Union, Football, Cricket, and then as a Shop Steward with the T&GWU. There is always room for a persons own views, and they should be put forward within group or team discussion and debate. From that, a team strategy or a Party’s agreed plan should be kept to. If you are unable to follow that principal, you should leave the group and become an Independent. It is a fact that not everyone has this approach in life, and that is why such people should never take membership of teams or groups. Perhaps nobody explained this to Caroline Jones, but then it is basic knowledge and common sense, SO AVOID MEMBERSHIP !

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    Whilst in no way defending Caroline I wish Neil would tell us more. Life is never as black and white as he suggests and he has had some part to play in the loss of four AMs in my humble opinion.

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    Needless to say I am bitterly disappointed with Caroline’s resignation, particularly as I have supported her on many occasions. Given the comments made about Mark Reckless’ defection I cannot see how she can justify her staying on as an Assembly member. As has been commented on in the postings we AM’s were elected as UKIP AM’s on the list vote and not for our own personal abilities. We owe our positions to those hard working grass roots members and of course to Nigel Farage. I can assure all those who voted for UKIP in South Wales East they will have a UKIP AM for the full term of office. I call upon Caroline to do the honorable thing and to resign her position in the Assembly. I am sure that she is a bitter disappointment to all those in South Wales West region, and the Bridgend branch in particular, who have been some of the best UKIP supporters in Wales, and huge supporters of Caroline herself. I feel for them all.

    This sort of behavior has prompted me to support the Wales Committee to promote grass roots participation and to make sure that we AM’s are accountable to the membership.

    David Rowlands AM South Wales East

    • Avatar

      David it is a very great disappointment that under the Leader or Wales stewardship 1/2 of the A.M.s have chosen to jump, hounded out you might say. Hamilton, Bennett and yourself all recognise she was struggling – did any of you offer help or where they to busy sharpening your knifes and deflecting the obligations as Leaders?

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    Even more significantly these defections undermine the Proportional Representation principle upon which the Welsh Assembly is elected and in failing to uphold its own List System the Welsh Assembly has once again brought itself into complete disrepute. Those in charge of refereeing this fair play have shown themselves to be totally incompetent.

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    If any UKIP Wales activists feel aggrieved that their representatives are no different than the spivs in the LibLabConPlaid, I wish to suggest a trip to the Small Claims Court.

    Count up the hours spent by UKIP Wales getting the turncoats elected and each individual should then send them an invoice.

    If they win one claim it will never happen again.

  10. Avatar

    This happens in District and County Councils all the time an it makes me sick. The law should be changed so that if you resign from your Party after you are elected, the Party under whose banner you were elected is given the option of calling a by election.

    • Avatar

      Hear Hear!

    • Avatar

      In Local Elections we elect named individuals, so it is harder to argue that a Party changer should resign.
      But being elected from a Party List is different (#).
      Anyone resigning their Party should by law have also left that List.

      #Party Lists are inward not voter-facing and an invitation for internal brown-nosing / nepotism.
      Better would be named candidates and a transferable vote or preference system

  11. Avatar

    A fabulous evisceration of her by Neil Hamilton. Good riddance to her.

  12. Kevin Baverstock

    Another one bites the dust….

    • Avatar

      What annoys me (to say it mildly) is that these people, who have utilised the grassroots to get where they are, are now not doing the honourable thing and resign altogether but instead denigrate the Party while they reap the fruits of the grassroots’ endeavours.
      And we are expected – by the MSM and the establishment – to nod wisely and agree that, yes, things must be bad with the Party and the leader when such ‘luminaries’ like Ms Caroline Jones ‘feel’ they have to resign.
      I can but repeat myself: it’s for us grassroots to take our Party back and stop listening to and following those who’ve ridden to personal success on the back of our work. So many turn out to’ve been KIPOs – Kippers in name only.

      • Avatar

        I think it is worth re-appraising the methodology and criteria for selecting and electing representatives internally and otherwise. Please comment.

        • Avatar

          Must be made mandatory and legally enforceable for UKIP deserters and spivs to resign their seats if they leave for whatever reason. Ashamed and angry that UKIP is getting even worse than the cons. et al for unconscionable hogging the trough —and not have the cochones or other parts to resign honourably.

          • Avatar

            It would certainly set a standard. Look how many times this happens in local and national political parties, usually accompanied by lots of comments, but no action.

          • Avatar

            We looked into it when Michael Holmes left. The government of the day laughed their heads off when we complained.

            They didn’t find it so funny when Roger Helmer quit – and I don’t recall many ‘Kippers saying we should have given them the seat back…

            We need to decide once and for all which side if the defection fence we’re on 😉

          • Avatar

            Under PR especially where they were elected from a list and must resign so that the next candidate on the list is elected. Isn’t there an electoral body that can demand that this happens, perhaps the Electoral Commission, although I don’t trust that body.

        • Avatar

          Yes but very difficult particularly when dealing with volunteers who may or may not meet much of the criteria, or there may be little choice of personnel . UKIP seems to have many people who wish to pursue a general sort of aim, but their aim in particular. Would you get agreement on a selection criteria and then of course as many organisations have found ‘like will always recruit like’.

      • Avatar

        On the matter of taking our party back would that include UKIP Patrons Club Ltd?

        • Kevin Baverstock

          You mean the golf club’s booze and lunch fund??

        • Avatar

          Surely any body that uses UKIP in it’s title belongs to the party, we cannot have people setting up a Club without approval from the NEC.

          • Avatar

            I’m told the NEC DID approve!

          • Avatar

            Bizarrely, but under duress, the NEC have approved (albeit retrospectively). See here

            On 5th March Batten appealed to members to save the party from bankruptcy. We responded beyond expectations. A small group of self-important elitists stood by refusing to donate to a “black hole” but once loyal members had saved the party they hijacked the Patrons Club.

          • Avatar

            You can’t trademark a party name I believe

      • Avatar

        Runs like a fault line through all the political parties though, Imagine try to work with or manage these people!

    • Avatar

      The illness that is destroying UKIP is pretty much the same that is destroying the UK, Europe and western civilisation – an evergrowing gap between “elites” and ordinary people. “Little people”, like use to call us Farage (wonder if this is his real perception), are useful when we have election time or some boring labour needs to be done – but in general they cannot be trusted and it is much better to keep them uninformed and without real influence on important matters. It is sad that UKIP being part of Alliance for Direct Democracy in the European Parliament is so shy about Direct Democracy in the party and indeed in the UK.

      • Avatar

        Ah ‘little people’ and as I have heard from the so called elite, the even more patronising ‘little and good people’.

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