UKIP have found an influential new ally in the somewhat surprising shape of Viviane Reding, Vice-President of the EU’s ruling Politburo, the European Commission.

It’s not that Ms Reding has had a sudden conversion to UKIP’s support for freedom and democracy, of course – quite the opposite. This jumped-up ex-journalist from the tinpot statelet of little Luxembourg. whom naturally  no-one has elected to her all-powerful position, is ever more fanatically committed to the concept of a single superstate, abolishing Europe’s nations, and merging them into one dictatorial nightmare, as the peoples of Europe at last awaken to the danger she and her ilk poses.

Such is the arrogance of this broad-bottomed bureaucrat, that she now feels strong  – or desperate – enough to throw off the mask and openly state what has been the hidden goal of the EU since its conception as the innocuous-sounding ‘European Iron and Steel Community’ around the time Ms Reding was born 62 years ago

She has just said that the correct way to answer the continent-wide rise of Eurosceptic ‘populist’  parties – including UKIP – is to abolish Britain and every other EU member state and move straight to a ‘United States of Europe’. ‘Populist’ of course being EU-code for parties like UKIP which oppose their imperious will to power.

So two-thousand years of proud European history, civilisation and democracy is to end at the whim of a bespectacled matron with a hectoring voice and an improbably youthful Cameronesque hairdo, is that right? Well, we shall see what the people of Britain – and the rest of the EU – say about that in the European elections this May.

Like the boss whom she hopes shortly to succeed, the EU’s former Portuguese Maoist President Jose Barroso, Ms Reding is a member of the ‘Generation of 1968’, the Marxist students who, following the failure of their revolution then, embarked on the long march through the institutions  to accomplish their sinister goals. The long road, at least in their own minds, is now nearing its culmination – the final ending of ‘bourgeois’ European Parliamentary democracy and its replacement by a single dictatorial entity.

UKIP could hardly have asked for a clearer statement of the EU’s malign intent, so it should offer up a big thank-you to Ms Reding for her refreshing – if terrifying – honesty. No longer will the Europhile of LibLabCon be able to hide behind the lie that the EU is just a harmless trading bloc. The monster has emerged into the daylight at last in all its horror: it is out to grab our country, and what is left of our liberty and the right to choose who rules over us.

Meanwhile, here at home, Ms Reding’s LibLabCon allies in the House of Lords (another unelected and un-democratic institution), are plotting to rip away the last figleaf hiding the Cameron Conservatives’ pro-EU privates: James Wharton’s so-called EU Referendum Bill.

When the bill is debated later today, Europhiles in all three parties, including those EU lackeys Milords Kinnock and Mandelson, are planning to amend the Bill and/or talk it out so that it runs out of time and dies by the end of next month.

The Cameron Conservatives will then be left naked and unashamed in all their Europhile glory, unable to pretend that they will be offering Britain an In/Out Referendum in 20917 or at any other time.

So the issue at the European elections this May, and at the General election a year later becomes as clear as day. If we want our country to disappear into the swamp of an EU-ruled dictatorship and become a powerless province of a new Euro-empire we should vote LibLabCon (it doesn’t matter which since they all desire the same end).

But if we wish to reverse the shameful surrender of sovereignty of the last half-century and win back our country, there is only one chance of doing so: by voting UKIP. It is our challenge to hammer home that starkly simple truth.

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