Well –  the new leader Henry Bolton put his foot down quite quickly.

As you know, the speech of the new leader was meant to be at 4.30 pm this Saturday afternoon. It was well known – representations had been made – that a huge part of the audience would’ve left by then, getting home.

So HB asked the time be put forward, and here we are.  The place is heaving, no-one seems to have left: a good indication that members are looking froward to hearing this first AGM speech of the new leader.

If the bandwidth holds up, and if everything is ok, I hope to bring you this speech hot from the keyboard.

After Paul Oakden’s introductory speech about how good conference was, here is the man. I do hope you can watch it online.

He gets a standing ovation coming in. And he waves a small Union Jack.

HB starts on May’s election speech,, on ‘strong and stable leadership’ – unfortunately many of our former votes trusted her, but are we any closer to Brexit?
Our courts are still subordinate to a foreign power, and we know that the EU dictated her speech. A diplomat said that  she has failed to make significant progress on Brexit ..

HB focuses on Ms May’s Florence speech – chuckling in thea audience – and HB asks, did she actually say anything concrete?

HB then makes quite clear that the transition period is totally unacceptable to huge applause from the audience.

‘The Government is dropping the ball, they are not doing what needs to be done if they seriously want Brexit.’ She lauds service men and then stabs them in the back.

HB addresses both Juncker’s speech nd May’s support for the planned EU Army. ‘Outrageous’ comes a shout from the floor – and huge applause.

“Does any of that suggests that we want out of the EU?” No, shouts the audience.

They are incompetent or negligent, the Government cannot be trusted to take us out of the EU, or lead Brexit, we must set clear strategic goals.

“We must be clear on the ECA1972 act and must prepare to leave now!” – huge applause!

“Leaving the EU means we will be in control of our own destiny’.

HB then goes on about the disenfranchised voters and people in local communities, how government is not interested in how and what people want. Multi-Culturalism is swamping or replacing our own culture. HB then mentions the range of policies (Schools, education and more) which we need.

HB will make our Party fit, clean and effective, improving our internal communication, utilising our many talents, get fit for elections, prepare candidates for election. Branches to be allowed to keep some amount of the membership fees – that’s his intention.. He wants us to work in constituencies and prepare for Westminster.

HB will embark on a tour: meeting branches and inform himself on our problems:”you grilled me at the hustings, now I’ll grill you …”

(Here my fingers gave out – the speech is reminiscent of HB’s SAGE programme which we published on UKP Daily.)

(Also: h/t to James Dalton who sits next to me and checks for typos!)

Onto border control – the points raised were outlined in his open letter to Ms May here on UKIP Daily.

“We’ll achieve great success if we are united” -“We are, we are” comes back from the audience. “Thats one job done”, HB quips, “on the first day’ – audience chuckles and is happy.

Ends with a long, standing ovation.

(And yep, the dratted rest of this text did not transmit to the site, sigh …)


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