Back at the end of October, a UKIP member obtained a copy of a casting call for secondary roles in a planned Channel 4 Mockumentary to be called “100 Days of UKIP” imagining Nigel Farage becoming Prime Minister. There was an article for Breitbart, which included the casting call, which spoke volumes in itself on the nature of the programme.

And now, through their own trailer (that hyperlink will probably access the “On Demand” version after the event, if you didn’t see it) and reports in some of the papers, like The Telegraph and The Guardian, we have been given a warning on the drift of the programme. The Telegraph reported on a dispute between UKIP and the makers on whether we had been given prior access to the programme, and the latter focussed on the personal views of the actress who plays a key role – a female Asian UKIPper elected as the member for Romford.

We must be mindful of course of Channel 4’s status. They are publicly-owned, but commercially operated. They do not have a Charter like the BBC, but they have what is called their remit, which reads as code for “being as left-wing as they like.” Here’s a few choice phrases from it:

  • demonstrates innovation, experimentation and creativity in the form and content of programmes;
  • appeals to the tastes and interests of a culturally diverse society;
  • support and stimulate well-informed debate on a wide range of issues, including by providing access to information and views from around the world and by challenging established views;
  • promote alternative views and new perspectives

This “remit”, by the way, is not just Channel 4’s words, it was revised as part of the Communications Act 2003, and it is the yardstick by which OFCOM measures their performance. Mind you, what flavour of government did we have in 2003?

It looks like they will be mixing in historic footage, out of context, using some figures who are no longer in the party, and portraying UKIP and its’ supporters as an angry, chanting and braying mob. They will to try to claim that one of our absolute first priorities will be to round-up illegal immigrants and put them on a plane back home. Just remember it was the coalition that sent out the “Go Home or Face Arrest” vans regarding illegal immigrants.

Let’s just remind ourselves of UKIP’s actual policies relating to immigration, the basis of the manifesto we will be standing on:

  • UKIP recognises the benefits of limited, controlled immigration.
  • UKIP will leave the EU, and take back control of our borders. Work permits will be permitted to fill skills gaps in the UK jobs market.
  • UKIP will not offer an amnesty for illegal immigrants or those gaining British passports through fraud.
  • UKIP will return to the principles of the UN Convention of Refugees which serves to protect the most vulnerable.

It also seems there will be an illustration, based on Nick Clegg’s infamous assertion that 3 million jobs depend on being in EU, of a factory closure directly as a result of us leaving EU. Clegg’s assertions have been proven as patently wrong. They need us more than we need them, and UKIP’s policy is based on this assumption:

  • We would negotiate a bespoke trade agreement with the EU to enable our businesses to continue trading to mutual advantage.

Before you start reacting to the programme tonight with the complaints you are already formulating in your head and the tweets and posts you might anticipate making, take a look at this article from January based on the State of the Nation report by British Future. Scroll down to “Figure 20” which illustrates the “Marmite Factor” – only the Lib Dems and Greens are more marmite than us, but our field of possible voters at 42% is ample for a majority in the Commons – one day.

We predict that the effect of this programme will be to make us more “Marmite”, to harden the views of those who have already firmly decided they would never vote for us, but also harden the views of both our existing and potential supporters – net result – a gain in positive support.

Go ahead, after the programme, if you must, write your letter of complaint to Channel 4, Ofcom, The Daily Mail, whatever, but we would suggest that all it will do is to give you a nice warm feeling down below, but I suspect that with their “remit” you will get short shrift from Channel 4 and Ofcom.  Instead, write to your local papers, interpreting UKIP’s policies with respect to the local area and local issues and tell your “neighbours” why you think they should vote UKIP.

Also, get in touch with whoever is organising the UKIP campaign in your area, offer your services and get out there in the letterboxes and on the doorsteps selling our positive message. While there will be a few hostile ones, you will be received warmly by many.

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