Since the start of 2018 there has been something of a “down” feeling, even of depression, in some members.  The media keep bashing their drum of “UKIP’s finished” and some branches have seen the momentum slowing down.  Here at Head Office I thought we might need cheering up… so I’m here to sprinkle some magic happy dust.

Things really are looking up.  We’ve had a thousand new members join UKIP in the last two weeks, and (fingers crossed) the membership will continue to rise (though don’t expect that rise to be on a constant upward curve;  it doesn’t work like that).

This is partly because those who thought “UKIP’s done its job.  We’ve got Brexit”, now realise we haven’t got it, we might not get it, and even if we do get it, the Brexit we’ll end up with won’t be the one we voted for.   Mrs May is hamstrung by the splits in her own party. That’s the nub of it.

In those circumstances UKIP is the only game in town.

Also, of course, Gerard Batten is doing great things as the new Leader.  Finances are healthy (though we always need more) and the Patrons are coming back on-board, helping to support the expected Autumn General Election campaign.  Also, candidates are coming forward in many constituencies, so there is still a hunger to strap on a UKIP rosette… as the disaster of hapless Henry Bolton recedes into well-deserved obscurity.  That man inflicted so much damage on UKIP it isn’t true.

But most of the reason for the recent surge in membership  (and we’re getting new joiners from all around the world) is because three “internet warriors”, with millions of online followers between them, publicly announced two weeks ago they were all joining UKIP because of its stance on Freedom of Speech, and standing up against the Leftist PC agenda which is stifling public life.

I have no idea how long the surge in membership will last, but things are looking very encouraging from here.  Stick with it. I think (certainly hope) things are looking up.  It might take a while to translate to local level but it’s vitally important UKIP keeps the lights on.  Pulling down the shutters is exactly what the opposition wants, and we have no intention of giving them that warm glow of satisfaction.  Quite the opposite. We’re going to stick it up them.

There are various pieces in the Guardian and Independent etc currently trying to smear these three individuals as “extremist” or “alt Right” or even of wanting to “stage a coup”.  Ignore them. A sure sign they are worried. When they start flinging mud, you know they’re needled and getting nasty. As the saying goes, there’s comfort in the familiar. It’s what the Left do.  Play the man, not the ball. They wouldn’t be Left otherwise.




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