Chris Harlow, the Chairman of UKIP Cotswolds, has sent us this report on their action Day in Cheltenham. This article was to have been illustrated by a video and photos – but due to issues about the bags distributed the video and photos cannot be published. Sorry.


A group of UKIP activists decided to confront a “Cheltenham for Europe” event at the opening of a new John Lewis department store in Cheltenham town centre today. We arrived at 9.30 to find a long queue of people waiting for the store to formally open at 10am. After a brief ceremony by the new branch manager, and under the gaze of the local TV stations’ cameras, the throng moved into the store.

We talked to a great many local people about Brexit, and the overwhelming opinion was that the Government should “just get on with it”. Most people we talked to were in favour of Brexit, and some were Remainers who were disgusted by our treatment by the EU to the extent that they were now Brexiteers.

As always, there were a few die-hard Remainiacs who felt the need to resort to abuse – something that we studiously avoided. One called me an “old white man” – all true, but in her terms probably ageist, racist and sexist. Another, wearing a pro-EU badge was saying that there would be a great demonstration in London by anti-democracy campaigners on Saturday (but he didn’t call them that). I told him that he should be ashamed to be associated with an organization that takes money from George Soros – the man who tried to break the Bank of England – but his response was that I was “anti-semitic”. I don’t even look like a member of the Labour party!

After the crowds had subsided we decided to repair to the local Wetherspoons for an early pint. A successful morning’s work, and a few more people aware that we are still on their side, battling for a quick, clean and complete Brexit.

Kind regards,
Chris Harlow
Chairman, UKIP Cotswolds
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