Yesterday, the ‘good’ people standing against the AfD had organised a Punk Rock concert with the hashtag ‘wirsindmehr’ (‘we are more’, presumably than the ‘neonazis’ who protested against the murder of a Chemnitz citizen by a ‘refugee’ against whom there existed a deportation order.)

The numbers of the audience vary, according to who reports. The bands and their promoters claimed 100,000 were there – the MSM claimed 50,000 – the police reported 10,000. even the lowest number is higher than those who participated at the demos on Saturday.

However – those who came to the concert came because it was free, because free coach trips from all over Germany had been organised, and because they had the time to do so. The concert started at 5 p.m. on a Monday, when most people are just about leaving work. and the travel times involved and you can guess what group was there: mostly the 18-30 year olds: students, pupils, non-working Germans.

There was no violence, nothing got smashed up, because the police had forbidden a counter-demo from local right-wing groups. Many comment posters asked why at other occasions – lot least the demos on Saturday – such counter-demos by The Left are always allowed at demos by The Right, even in close proximity, with the ensuing mayhem.

Has this changed anything in the German political landscape? Not really. The virtue signallers were virtue-signalling to each other and the observations by common Germans were quite explicit: if the Right had organised a free concert with certain other popular rock groups, there’d have been more than 100,000 attending as well.

Observing this from the UK, one cannot but feel that in their zeal to eradicate the perceived ‘neonazis’ this concert, supported by the Government, has nicely deflected from the real problems of violent fake refugees killing Germans. There’s suddenly no room to write about the verdict of 8 ½ years for a ‘refugee’ who killed his 15-year-old German girlfriend because he saw his honour violated when she left him.

One is also reminded of the ‘oh-Jeremy-Corbyn’ chants at rock festivals and how these chants fuel into Momentum and the increase of manifest antisemitism in the Labour Party.  Odd, isn’t it, how this fundamental Nazi attitude of antisemitism has been taken on board by the modern Left who professes to fight against neonazis …

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No apologies for writing again about this small town in Saxony! See my earlier article here, to which I’ll add some observations in the wake of the two demos on Saturday afternoon 

Yet again, it’s the familiar exercise in exposing the attitude of establishment Parties and establishment MSM. It should come as no surprise to us that the same mechanisms which has been and still is used against UKIP is being used against the AfD in Germany. It should also come as no surprise that the establishment Parties feel threatened by the success of the AfD at the ballot boxes, both in the German ‘Länder’ which make up the Federation, and in the national Bundestag – just as UKIP was smeared and vilified in the run-up to the GE 2015 after our success in the EU Parliamentary elections in 2014.

So – what happened on Saturday afternoon in Chemnitz? At first glance – not a lot. There was the approved silent march by the AfD – and there was the ‘counter demo’ by the colorful coalition of Trade Unionists, Social Democrats, Green Party members and Antifa. Of course there was also a massive presence of the MSM because they were all waiting, nay hoping, for ‘violence’ to break out, to show what horrible neonazis were on the march. After all, that’s what the theme of the preceding daily reports in the MSM had been: Chemnitz citizens, according to them, were fearful and had fallen for the extreme-right manipulations of the AfD which just wanted to score political points with that ‘demo’, on the back of a murder. Heinous!

Never mind that the actual murder had already sunk below the horizon of the establishment parties and MSM! They, the ‘good ones’, were courageously taking a stand against the vile neonazis, under the slogan “Herz nicht Hetze”: Heart not Harassment. They would of course never try to score political points.

So the whole of Germany and the international news agencies waited and waited and waited – for the Hitler salute, the skinheads attacking the multi-cultus …  and what happened? Ah – this is where it becomes interesting!

The Police stopped the memorial march a few times, for nearly an hour. Then they told the organisers they had to break up and go home because the approved time for the demo had run out. Why did they have to stop the march? Because, surprise surprise, a group of lefties had managed to infiltrate the march route and blockaded it, in the hope of creating the usual antifa mayhem with flares, bottles, stones …

The police used loudspeakers telling the lefties to please stop picking up stones! The antifa were prepared. Btw – the Saxony Public Prosecutor said that there had been no hunt of ‘refugees’ at all, as has been reported in the MSM. If you want to see photos of what this neonazi scum marching through the streets of Chemnitz looked like – check out the report here in Breitbart. Does this look as if they were ‘prepared for battle’?  So nothing happened, except one icecream parlour had been thrashed – by the Left.  

But of course things could not be allowed to rest there! In the German Sunday papers the ‘top politicians’ were to the fore, making this murder about the AfD and the neonazis, deflecting in the usual way from the actual cause: the murder of one young man and the severe attacks on two others who are still in hospital. No – the real ‘crime’ now was that AfD politicians dared to place white roses at the little memorial in Chemnitz! How dare they! Placing white roses is the sole privilege of Ms Merkel and her coalition politicians! Not that the greenie-lefty anti-demonstrators even had any white roses to place – for them, for the establishment the murder is irrelevant, just as all the other murders were and are.

While they waffle about being kind and understanding, observers – that’s the comment posters on those articles where they were allowed to comment – pointed out, repeatedly, that these politicians nor the MSM didn’t worry about a report that a ten-year-old Berlin boy had been raped on a school trip by ‘11-year-old’ Afghan class comrades … No, citizens must stop being fearful, must listen to Ms Merkel and all the establishment politicians – and the AfD must be observed by the German equivalent of MI5!

You can easily recognise the parallels to our country: our establishment parties, our MSM are doing exactly the same. It’s the deflection from the real issue by blaming the so-called ‘extreme far right alt populists’ from mentioning the big elephant in the room. The latest example here is the ‘initiative’ of the current Home Secretary to get rid of the pedophiles on the internet. Very worthy – but what have he and his predecessors done about the real-life pedophiles who’ve groomed our underage children in Rochester and and and for a generation? Just as now in Germany: don’t mention it! That’s racist! And in any case – don’t ever generalise – remember: “not all muslims” …. Of course, generalisation is allowed, nay necessary because all who do speak out are ‘alt-right-extreme etc’  and thus the enemy.

We’ll see how this plays out in the near future, with the anti-immigrant (how heartless! How extreme etc!) Party poised to win when the Swedes go to the polls on Sunday, and when the Bavarians go to the polls next month. 

Tonight in Chemnitz, the great-and-good multi-cultis have organised a ‘free rock concert’. Not to mourn the murdered man, you understand, but to ‘make a stand against nazis’. These are lefty bands, and the left has already organised coach trips from all over Germany. I look forward to this ‘peaceful’ protest, wondering how many police will be needed to prevent the mayhem and smashed shop windows because nothing is as powerful to show that one isn’t a nazi as smashing up a town …


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