It would appear that most journalists have started their Christmas break, or are flood-watching, or perhaps stuck on the trains disrupted by the smattering of rain and the gust of wind we had yesterday.

As a result, today’s news round up is shorter (well not quite) than the list of patriotic Lib Dems….


UK faces 47 lawsuits for breaching EU’s rules: Britain is being pursued over items ranging from tractors to toys and garlic

  • Government accused of failing to follow European Commission directives
  • Lawsuits could end up in crippling fines at European Courts of Justice
  • David Cameron has promised an ‘in or out’ referendum if party wins again
  • Mayor of London said he had heard of no ‘positive case’ to stay in EU

Cameron turns to God and the Bible for his Christmas sermon: PM hopes to rescue Big Society concept in message

  • David Cameron has stressed Christian values of helping others in speech
  • Comments seen as a revival of the Big Society message delivered at election
  • Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg – both atheists – stressed importance of family

He’s like a rude old uncle! Senior Tory savages Cable in migrant row while others call on Cameron to sack him 

  • Grant Shapps said Business Secretary ‘ruins Christmas’
  • Cable accused David Cameron of spreading panic on immigration
  • Other Conservatives have urged Prime Minister to sack him for remarks

UK is top donor to poverty fund: Nation gives £2.8bn to help poor countries – more than US, Japan or Germany

  • World Bank fund raised £32billion – and we gave almost 10 per cent
  • UK also offered £500million in low-interest loans for the poorest 82 nations
  • It is part of David Cameron’s pledge to spend 0.7 per cent of GDP on aid

Muslim leaders slam M&S over ‘ridiculous’ till policy: Influential figures say workers’ veto ‘beggars belief’ as store apologises over affair

  • Muslim Council of Britain said situation should have been handled better
  • Others said allowing workers not to serve alcohol or pork was ridiculous
  • Customer was ‘taken aback’ when the female member of staff explained she could not sell a bottle of Champagne because she was Muslim
  • Policy is to ensure staff who exercise the veto are given ‘suitable roles’
  • Spokeswoman apologised saying store had not followed ‘internal policy’

All I really want for Christmas is boxing gloves says Clegg… but he won’t reveal which Westminster foe he wants to punch

  • Deputy PM reveals he has asked for boxing gloves for Christmas
  • Wants to use them during kickboxing classes at his gym
  • Says exercise helps to ‘get stuff out of my system’


Lib Dems waging war against Tory party in coalition

REMEMBER that sunny day when David Cameron and Nick Clegg held hands in the Rose Garden at 10 Downing Street and pledged eternal love and fellowship?


David Cameron handed bankers £98m tax cut while George Osborne spent thousands fighting bank bonuses cap

Conservative Home

Independent school head attacks Gove’s policies – for other schools

Buzz Feed

8 British Politicians Jailed Since The Last General Election

The Houses of Parliament is turning into HMP Westminster.

Happy Christmas Kippers!!

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