There’s no office or shop yet for the By Election campaign (hopefully early next week) and the lines of communication to pull in activists are slowly unearthing people, but 20 people joined Nigel Farage and Douglas Carswell at 1000 at the entrance to Clacton Pier to kick off the second day’s campaigning, as the picture shows.  UKIP Daily was there, just left and behind of Nigel in the picture. More were due to turn up in buses from various constituencies later in the morning.

Douglas seemed really happy and relaxed, whereas as a Tory he always appeared to be strained, and he gave us a short briefing. UKIP are in operation before the Tories are, but he warned us that Grant Shapp’s busloads of young activists would be turning up in 2 days’ time. Mind you, having spoken with quite a few Clacton folk, I do not think that these down-to-earth Essex people will be very impressed with a bunch of Young Conservatives pushing the Tory Party’s line of spin.

The main focus was to hit the whole town with a personal message from Douglas, before the weekend was out. Lisa Duffy and Darryl Pitcher were there, their office the boot of a car, and they soon had us all on the road.

The leaflet started with a personal message to his constituents, which I quote in full:

Dear Neighbour,

I’ve left the Conservative party and joined UKIP.

I could have simply sat in the House of Commons as UKIP’s first MP, but that doesn’t seem right to me. The honourable thing is to resign from Parliament – and stand in a by-election to get your permission.

Why have I taken this dramatic step? Because neither of the two established parties have the answers. Clegg, Cameron, Miliband… none of them are serious about the changes Britain needs.

People have a right to expect a competent government that answers to them. Instead Westminster is run by a cosy clique, who aren’t on our side, but in politics for themselves.

I feel so strongly about this that I’m going to try and change it – but I’ll need your help to do so.

Warm Regards

Douglas Carswell

PS: Please help me beat the Westminster establishment and help us make history!

Strong stuff. And, on the doorstep it seems that people are responding extremely well. While I was not canvassing, Chris Adams was, and he reported that 80% of people were supporting UKIP and Douglas. In the street, and in the pub at lunchtime, people were coming up to us and wishing us luck, patting us on the back and pledging their vote.

And remember, the people of East Anglia are different from those of the rest of the country. Genealogical studies have shown them to have more Dane in them than the rest of the country (from the days of Danelaw, 9th Century). In the nicest possible way, I would say we (yes, I am one) are more obstinate and undeferential (to pompous authority) than other people are. In 1381, it was East Anglian folk in the vanguard of the Peasant’s Rising, and again in the English Revolution, the people of East Anglia figured highly in Cromwell’s supporters. And now, in 2014, the people of East Anglia are leading the Electoral Revolt in terms of rejecting the established political clique and turning to UKIP.

By two o’clock, the team had covered a quarter of the constituency, but that was before a full busload from Thurrock had turned up and completed their assigned areas!

There will be an office or shop in Clacton early next week, the location will be published on and here in UKIP Daily. Why not have a nice day at the seaside, and help make history, too?

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