There was another action day in Clacton on Saturday 20th, and your reporter was there. Hundreds of activists descended on the town – the area around the Campaign Office seemed to be coloured purple in terms of posters, people and cars!

Nigel and Douglas were both there again, leading the People’s Army. The task on Saturday was to cover the town with leaflets advertising the public meeting on Wednesday 24th. This is being held in a large school hall, and free (but reserved) tickets can be had from this site, or by phoning 01255 225080.

Once again, the response from the people in the town was fantastic, drivers still honking their car horns as they passed the campaign office. Down one road I was leafleting, a lady had received her garden board and then caught me in the road, asking for 5 more for her friends and family who lived in the same road. A quick phone call, and within an hour the boards were delivered, the busy road now plastered with UKIP garden boards!

And not a sign of busloads of Young Conservative activists or limo-loads of Conservative MPs either. When asked, residents said that only UKIP had contacted them so far.

In some areas, as well, there was some canvassing to do, on top of dsitributing the meeting leaflet. In a road where I had this dual task, with more up-market housing, there were a few who were definitely intending to stay with the Conservatives, and were not entirely happy with Douglas’ defection. They clearly had made their feelings known to their neighbours, as even those with strong support for UKIP were nervous of having garden boards for fear of “trouble” from their neighbours. However, when it came down to counting the results of the canvassing, there were still twice as many confirmed UKIP voters as there were confirmed Conservative voters.

As has been remarked about the Scottish referendum, at the end of the day, in the secrecy of the polling booth, people are able to truly vote for what they believe.

It was truly impressive that on returning canvassing sheets to the office, Douglas Carswell was personally thanking each activist and scanning the canvassing returns for himself, adding their result to his already encyclopaedic knowledge of his constituency.

Onwards and Upwards! If you want to go and help, here’s all the contact/location details.

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