Round two of the Farage vs Clegg EU in or out debate was high on rhetoric and entertainment from Nick Clegg. Farage did call Nick a liar at one point, but mostly kept his cool while Clegg became increasingly shrill, mentioning the EU as vital in our fight against  climate change. He even channelled Stephan Lewandowsky, calling Farage a fantasist who doesn’t believe the Moon landings happened.

As sketch writer  Michael Deacon noted in the Telegraph

“He’s one of those people who see conspiracy theories everywhere!” cried Mr Clegg, gesturing impatiently at the Ukip leader. “I wouldn’t be surprised if he tells us next that there wasn’t a Moon landing, Obama isn’t American, and Elvis isn’t dead!”

Mr Farage, furthermore, lived in “a fantasy world”, yearned to “turn the clock back to a bygone age” when “women knew their place”, and promoted views about the EU that were “a dangerous fantasy” and “a dangerous con”.

Nigel let him carry on, interjecting a sotto  “Oh dear, oh dear” as  Clegg ranted.

The outcome? The Guardian gave Farage a 69% to 31% victory. Yougov around the same. The LBC poll has Farage winning with over 90% of votes cast in its online poll.

As the campaign for the European and local elections gathers pace, so UKIP gathers momentum, leading some of the polls. The three main party leaders must be wondering how it all went so badly wrong for them. Clegg’s performance in the EU debate was lamentable. Faced with a question he didn’t have a rehearsed answer for from Dimbleby on what the EU would be like in ten years time, he mumbled “about the same”.

I’m sure the Greeks, Italians and Spanish will be delighted with a decade of no change to look forward to.

The writing is on the wall for the parties which have denied the British people a voice for 40 years too. Revolution is in the air. Farage’s parting words were:

Join the people’s army, let’s topple the establishment.


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