On September 21st 2016 there is to be a Conference in New York entitled “Exploring the potential of Carbon Markets.

The advertisement says;

“Amid the celebrations after the Paris climate agreement, few diplomats or politicians talked much about carbon markets or pricing. But as the euphoria died and the focus turned to delivering fast cuts to greenhouse gas emissions, penalties for pollution are becoming an attractive quick-fix solution – especially if the funds generated can be directed towards clean energy and protecting forests.”

Whether or not man can affect the climate, the World Bank Group and Responding to Climate Change Limited (RTCC) are presenting a day focused on climate finance and the carbon markets. An honest title would be “how to legally rob the taxpayer”.

This underlines the fact that Climate Change is a business and that the late Ken Lay, Chairman, Enron Corporation, and Al Gore did succeed in persuading the gullible and corrupt of this world that Carbon Dioxide is a pollutant. Interestingly Theresa May also brings up the subject of Climate Change whenever possible in the sense of its being something that we must fight.

With a change of leader I had hoped that May would have moved substantially away from the views aired by her forerunners. Margaret Thatcher, in her key speech to the Royal Society in 1988 was the first world leader to stir up fear about the “vast increase in carbon dioxide” which she described as “a greenhouse gas” that was “creating a global heat trap which could lead to climatic instability.” As a scientist herself she should have known that any gas cannot hold heat unless contained, such as in a greenhouse where convection currents are restricted. Outside of the greenhouse warm gas rises and rapidly loses its heat as it expands freely into the atmosphere and any excess heat is radiated into space.    

“To serve her political agenda Thatcher co-opted Big Oil in the form of Shell and BP to finance  the new “science” of climatology at the University of East Anglia’s Climatic Research Unit (CRU) as a means to eliminate coal (and those pesky striking miners) as a viable energy source. The CRU and other universities all dived into the money pit for “research funding” and serve the agenda that put the focus on atmospheric CO2 rather than the real sky “villain” water (H2O).” (Principia Scientific International)

In November 2009 the corruption of the science was exposed by a leak of  thousands of emails and computer files to various internet locations several weeks before the Copenhagen Summit on climate change 2009. This was followed by a very strange Commons Select Committee Inquiry where the questions had to be vetted beforehand and was even funded by the University of East Anglia itself. The cost of the Public Relation exercise was £112,870.71.

The surface of the Earth, obtains more than half its heat from the interior, the rest is provided by Solar Irradiance from the Sun.

Solar Irradiance is not constant due to numerous factors; the tilt of the Earth’s axis produces the seasons and there are wobbles in this tilt, due to the elliptical nature of the orbit the distance to the Sun varies, the varying gravitational pull of the planets on the Sun results in changes to the Solar output such as the 11 year Sunspot cycle.

On top of the 11 year cycle there are changes in the shape and diameter of the Sun which have to be observed from space because the Earth’s atmosphere reduces the accuracy of scientific measurement.  A 200 year Grand Solar Cycle plays a dominating role over the 11 year cycle and plays a role in the duration and strength of the 11 year cycles. Thereby we have a cooler period of some 100 years followed by a warmer period of 100 years.

Historical evidence points to this: 1520-1640  warm, 1640-1700  cold, 1700-1805  warm, 1805-1925 cold, 1925-2016 warm, 2016 –      still warm or at the start of a cooling period.

It is the history of the birth of Climate Change that is its undoing. Ken Lay had found a way of making money from sulphur dioxide pollution by emissions trading.

Emissions trading or cap and trade is a government-mandated, market-based approach to controlling pollution by providing economic incentives for achieving reductions in the emissions of pollutants. If Lay could persuade the US Government that CO2 was a pollutant then there was money to be made by Enron. By 1988 he had sold the idea of profiteering from man-made greenhouse-gas emissions (the very same year as Thatcher’s speech to the Royal Society). At a stroke she could get the miners off her back and make money from the necessary taxation.

“Ken Lay worked a mile a minute to promote CO2 legislation, to help a variety of Enron profit centers” (MasterResource).

Dr. Kenneth L. Lay, Chairman, Enron Corporation, June 1997:

“If there is one thing I have been impressed with over the last decades, it is that when the environmental community defines a number one priority, something happens. Not always something good—but something.”

I think that we would all agree that finite resources should be taxed – but why should there be a Carbon Market on the life giving substance called Carbon Dioxide?

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