I have written this article to show that there is no such thing as man-made climate change, and that all the propaganda put out trying to prove that man-made Carbon Dioxide is responsible for Global Warming is nothing more than hype; coming from organisations with vested interests in building renewable sources of energy, or those who are paid a salary to ‘research’ and preach the ‘science’ which says there is ‘man made global warming’.

I will start by clarifying and enlarging on the well-known, over used and abused term; ‘Climate Change’.

What does it mean?

The vast majority of people immediately understand this expression to mean that our planet earth is warming up very quickly, and this is very dangerous to everything and everybody. Further it is caused by man’s activities, particularly by the emissions of Carbon Dioxide from the sources which produce our energy i.e. mainly coal and gas fired power stations. To give climate change its scientific name, it is Anthropogenic Global Warming.

It is not an accident that the term ‘climate change’ has become such a well-know concept. First it was known as anthropogenic global warming, then simply global warming and now to get it below the radar and more easily and universally accepted without too much thought, ‘climate change’.

Considerable efforts have been made by certain groups of people to spread and ingrain  this understanding in people’s minds and so achieve what is in effect; as George Orwell called it in his book 1984, ‘Group Think.’ Many newspapers and the BBC are foremost in this matter as well as specific organisations paid by those interested in the building of renewable energy projects.

It is worth understanding the beginnings and evolution of the belief in man-made climate change.

In 1989, United States Vice President Al Gore decided it was an issue and compiled a presentation on the subject using a wide range of slides and a projector.

His premise was immediately seized upon by many who could see that such a theory could be used to frighten people and then to make them feel good about doing something, however painful and expensive, to stop it.

If carbon emissions could be eliminated by renewable energy such as wind and solar power, then the tax paying people could be induced to adopt these new methods of producing power in order to assuage their conscience.

What could these new methods be?

The concepts of wind power and solar energy quickly appeared before the investors, and then the tax payers.

Wind power because the wind is free, and the sun’s rays because these are free also.

Very quickly investors of all sorts realised that it would be good to put money into renewable energy i.e. wind and solar. Some were also induced to think about hydro systems from the sea and rivers as further methods.

Companies were quickly set up to build wind farms and solar panel arrays, because of what was claimed to be their scientifically acceptable solutions in reducing CO2 output.

However since the energy produced by these methods was vastly more expensive to produce and sell than conventional sources, these companies required huge subsidies from the taxpayer to build, install, and run their equipment, then to feed it into the National Grid.

Below is a necessarily brief summary of the scientific facts.

Has our planet experienced Climate Change? — Most emphatically ‘yes’. It always has since it was formed 4.5 billion years ago, and I am sure always will until the day of the planet’s extinction by whatever stellar catastrophe overtakes it.

Is man now causing additional climate change over and above any norm we can scientifically prove?

The global warmers claim that there is now a universal consensus among scientists that man-made global warming has been proven.

Climate Change sceptics say this is patently not the case. If it was there would be no need for some of the ‘foremost’ scientists in the subject to “cook the books”.

A deeply disconcerting fact is that scientists in this field have been caught manipulating ‘scientific’ facts to show that there is anthropogenic global warming. These scientific cheats work for what should be a highly respected organisation, the United Nations. Specifically one of its many departments, the International Panel on Climate Change.

The most telling example of this manipulation of science is the now notorious “Hockey Stick Graph” produced by the scientists Michael E. Mann, Raymond S. Bradley, and Malcolm K. Hughes. In this graph Mann manipulated the records of the earth’s temperatures over the last thousand years to show that the global temperature has risen steadily only since the start of the industrial age (when man-made CO2 emissions started). To do this he and his associates changed the temperatures on their previously produced graph and eliminated the ‘medieval warming period’ during which some 1000 years ago, the temperature was such that for a period from 1050 AD to 1350 AD the planet was warmer than it is today.

This obvious manipulation of the temperatures was clearly confirmed when an email between Mann’s associates said quite plainly “we must get rid of the medieval warming period”.

This was further confirmed by Dr David Deming’s in a statement to the U.S. Senate Committee on Environment & Public Works on December 6, 2006. Dr Deming reveals that in 1995 a leading scientist emailed him saying “We have to get rid of the Medieval Warm Period.” A few years later, Michael Mann and the IPCC did just that by publishing the now thoroughly discredited hockey stick graph.

[Ed: Part 2 will be published tomorrow]

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