Asked in opinion polls about issues that matter most to them, Europe and the EU come some way down the priority list of most people’s chief concerns.

And yet, of the issues that they do care about: jobs, the cost of living,  housing, immigration, health, education,  energy, transport, – each and every one is materially, and almost always adversely, affected by our membership of the European Union, with the unelected EU rather than our own Parliament deciding our laws.

The fact that so many members of the general public seem unable to join up the dots and link EU membership directly to the issues that worry them is down to the woeful reporting of the insidious mission creep of the EU’s slimy tentacles into so many areas of our lives.

Most routine reporting of the EU comes from a small corps of correspondents based in Brussels who reflect the editorial line of the broadcaster or newspaper that they represent. Thus the BBC and Guardian journalists can be relied upon to churn out a diet of pro-EU propaganda, while, for example, those of the more critical Telegraph and Mail, worried about sending their readers to sleep with ‘boring’ Brussels stories,  often rely on the more absurd aspects of EU diktats –  those of the ‘bent banana’ variety,  – designed to amuse rather than outrage their readers.

(In passing, it should be noted that a pastmaster of such anecdotes, the nation’s favourite clown Boris Johnson, cut his journalistic teeth as the Telegraph’s correspondent in Brussels, where he made his name by relaying a constant diet of tales designed to show up the EU as foolish – oh, those funny foreigners –  but never as the sinister conspiracy to destroy Europe’s nations that it is.

Those tempted to regard Johnson as the acceptable fun face of Conservatism  and even as a Eurosceptic, should remember that he is fully in favour of Britain’s EU membership, and actually has publicly declared that he would welcome the addition of his ancestral homeland Turkey to the EU ‘club’, and with it the uncontrolled arrival of millions of Asian Anatolian immigrants in Britain).

Between the rock of solid pro-EU lies on the one hand, and the hard place of silly stories on the other, the British public remains sadly uninformed about the steady loss of their sovereignty to an unelected foreign power: a process enthusiastically agreed to by the three parties at Westminster, often for sordid motives of direct financial gain.

UKIP is the only party explicitly committed to withdrawing Britain from the European Union. Only UKIP has consistently told the ugly truth about the game of Grandmother’s Footsteps that is being practiced in Brussels – every time we look round, a little bit more of our freedom, prosperity and independence has been lost.

It is now a race against time. Will a majority of the British public awake to the peril lapping round their feet before it drowns them? Or will they continue to be lulled into a sense of false security by a diet of lies, pap, and boredom fed by the Press Corps in Brussels as their last liberties are lost? The European elections next May should give us some idea which way the wind is blowing.

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