The result of the Presidential elections on 8th November 2016 in the USA is extraordinary and has parallels with Nigel’s campaign for Leaving the EU.  Donald Trump spoke about things the establishment would not address. He was attacked for talking about the issues that concerned the voters but ran at odds with political science and global socialism. He even alienated his own party who would not support him.

The result in the District of Columbia, where Washington is, was 92% for Hillary Clinton. That says it all! That’s the place that is the focus of the political science driving both the Democrat and Republican parties. Similarly, in Massachusetts, where Harvard is, the result was two third for the Democrats. At the time of writing – 9.30am on 9th November – there are still at least another 20 electoral seats Donald Trump will likely take, putting his total at around 300 and leaving Hilary with no more that 238.

So who won the election?  Was it the Democrats or was it the Republicans?

It was neither!

It was the large numbers of the electorate who normally do not vote because they were not being listened to by the political scientists driving the mainstream parties. The Republican party has been moving to the left for some decades in the hope of picking up votes from the nominal centre ground.  Trump went out and spoke to those potential electors and addressed concerns that the political establishment now considers unacceptably right wing.

How amazing that the man who was vilified by his opponent Hillary Clinton, by Michelle & Barack Obama, is the man these left-behind voters supported.  These establishment figures are the people who think it outrageous that a man might express his sexual desires in private with his mates.  

The establishment took the holier-than-thou position, but no-one should ever do that because whether we like it or not we are hardwired to procreate and just about everything we do in society is driven by sexual desire. It might become impossible to sell perfumes and deodorants if we are not allowed to allude to our animal desires.

Just think that maybe nobody who had engaged in a relationship outside an existing partnership or marriage should vote for Hillary. Even Bill wouldn’t be able to vote for her and in all her life, working late at the office and having dinners and outings with colleagues while away from home, did Hillary never succumb to a one night stand?

The establishment also represents the global socialism that wants to lock other trading blocks into things like the TTIP. They are the ones that through the various UN bodies hope to lock other countries into CO2 reduction and prevent Third World countries from building cheap fossil fuel generating stations.

As fast as the socialist parties have been trying to force populations against their will into huge political, monetary, environmental, and trading blocks the peoples of these nations have been trying to reassert their national identities.

Britain is trying to do it and we are still in an almost-state of civil war against those who support globalisation, against the wishes of the EU, against UK media, against all the biggest financial and business organisations in our country, and against the majority in the Commons and the Lords.

President Elect Donald Trump tapped into that same sentiment. Fighting against those who would put them out of work because of international trade and manufacturing deals. Against those who introduced Obamacare that already has had its premiums massively increased to unaffordable levels. Against those who continuously bring in social reforms and changes against the wishes of the ordinary folk and through political correctness would ultimately tell them what they were allowed or not allowed to say.

Supported by both Senate and Congress this man has a great opportunity to roll back global socialism. Let’s hope one of his first moves is to dump the TTIP negotiations with the EU. What we don’t want is to be locked into that before and if ever we leave the EU. It is a classic case of a trade restriction that would prevent the benefits we look forward to by leaving the single market.

Now we have to look towards to the coming elections in The Netherlands, in France and in Germany to see if the whole house of cards of global socialism is about to crumble. The win by Donald Trump and the potential wins against the EU and against the mainstream parties in The Netherlands, Germany and France could be further steps in national pride and self determination.

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