On Sunday June 24th 2017 there were several protest marches in London.

While the MSM went to town about the terrible EDL, and how there had to be a huge police presence because, as we all know, the “far-ultra-extreme-head right” is so violent that they need to be corralled and kept away from the innocent Antifa and Hope/Hate demos, events turned out to be somewhat different.

Except for an article in The Times, which is behind their paywall, the only news outlet, as far as I found out, was Breitbart who mentioned another march, that by the Football Lads Alliance. Here is the article, with pictures and links to videos you might want to watch (highly recommended!).

We all remember that oh-so-wonderful ‘March of the 1,00,000’ on Wednesday June 21st, called for by ‘Momentum’ and Labour. They were marching to Downing Street, to ‘topple the Government’. Well, remember how that turned out, with one of the Labour politicians tweeting that please please please people should refrain from being violent … !

Due to the heat on that day, it’s not suitable really to call it a ‘damp squib’, it was more akin to a whimper, to a badly attended sort of carnival. One commentator in a national paper wrote that Labour called for 1,00,000 – and 999,900 did not come! Well, they had to get to Glastonbury, didn’t they, where their new messiah Jeremy C was going to give a speech.

And so to Sunday. Antifa and EDL: yes, we’ve seen that before. The thickos from the right daring to have a demo which the brave heroes from the Left, faces hidden behind masks and balaclavas, are prepared to ‘stop’, with violence. Nothing new here, move on …

Now I had never heard of that Football Lads Alliance, and apparently neither  had anybody else. The Police were suitably cautious, keeping them away from all harm. They expected about 700 ‘Lads’ to turn up. In fact, 10,000 came to march from St Paul’s to London Bridge. That’s not a typo, ten thousand was the official count. This is one of the shorter videos – there are lots more on the internet, just google ‘Football Lads Alliance March’ and look for videos.

Of course, we all know that football fans are horrible hooligans who like nothing better than fight and be violent … so I bet the police and ordinary citizens watched with trepidation as to how this would unfold: would there be blood on the streets, would windows be smashed? After all, that’s normal for a demo in London, especially when Antifa is involved.

So – what happened? Exactly nothing. No fights, no violence, no smashed windows or scuffles with the police. Nothing. A truly peaceful march through London, with some great speakers who were all normal people, unknown to the “elites”. One impressive speaker was a Sikh who repeatedly used the expression ‘islamic extremism’ – something we’re nowadays not allowed to say.

So – this march was a total non-event for our MSM. No TV, no reports, nothing.

Compare and contrast with another demo taking place later that evening in London, at Forest Gate, where six police officers were injured, four still in hospital, see here and here and here. It was business-as-usual, ‘no justice-no peace BLM’ because one man died in custody. I’m not going to look up why he was in custody, we all know that the death of one man is only worthy of outrage when he’s not a white Englishman. There have been no demos, never mind violent ones, over the death of Kevin Crehan – look it up here.

There are a couple of points which struck me when looking at this selective reporting. One is that apparently our MSM are happy to report on violent clashes rather than on a peaceful demo: screams, thrown objects, injured policemen: that’s great, that’s dramatic, that’s news!

It’s “news” especially when such demo supports their lefty view that ‘the government’ and especially the police is the font of all evil and that demos against them are righteous. Oh – and of course, “police brutality” must be shown to happen – by throwing bricks at them

EDL v Antifa also are newsworthy. They are, after all, great entertainment, showing ‘good’ (Antifa) v ‘bad’ (horrible extreme-far-ultra-hard Right). The theme of the demo is irrelevant, the clashes are what’s newsworthy.

But the 10,000 Football Lads marching through London? Forget it: nothing happened, and anyway they are all white men – an aberration in our multiculti diverse society. Oh – and talking about islamic extremism? And marching to London Bridge? Better keep it swept firmly under the carpet! People must not remember London Bridge and islamic radicals, must not remember that attack, which anyway is just ‘part and parcel’ to which we must get used to.

This shows how the MSM are trying their best to suppress any images, any hints that yes, there are white Englishmen who have had enough of the current islam-appeasement. After all, watching those ten thousand march through London, peacefully, might give people ideas!

Two minor points: the presence of Sikhs, as speakers. Sikhs have been quietly defending their own, in Rotherham, at the London Riots, and are now coming out. TPTB better think about what that means.

Secondly, and you can now throw eggs and tomatoes at me: there were no wimmin screeching insults and slogans at the Lads’ march, very much unlike those organised by “The Left™” …

This non-reporting of a huge group of men walking through London also illustrates how the “elites” use the label ‘far right’ to besmirch working-class Englishmen when their opinion does not fit the Lefty mantra of diversity and multiculti. They hold their noses and turn away. This is another trick to suppress debate. After all – why would one want to talk about islam with football ‘lads’? They’re far right and thus unworthy of being heard, aren’t they! And yes, this sort of elitist attitude has sadly found its way into UKIP as well.

Personally, I think this march was hugely encouraging. I think this was a warning sign to the metro-elites, illustrating Chesterton’s lines that ‘we are the people of England who haven’t spoken yet’. We spoke last year on June 23rd – we’re speaking now about islamic radicalism, and if TPTB won’t listen, well …tough.


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