Coffee Break!

Update 10.36:

Standing ovation for Paul Nuttall MEP while he strides onto the podium.

(Personal remark: he’s sporting a lovely beard!)

“We have achieved so much in such a short time – the referendum would not have happened if it hadn’t been for UKIP!”

“We have now 500 hard working councillors right across the country – we forced there referendum, and you helped to win it – you got our country back!”


“Do not underestimate what you have achieved” – Paul goes on about what this means for borders, economy – and that any attempt to restrict Brexit is unacceptable.

“We want all our laws to be made at westminster by our people whom we elect.”

“I want to see a Britan that reignites our links to the Commonwealth which we so seamlessly neglected – that can now all be achieved thanks to you!’

Paul goes on to say that this is our opportunity to get the votes of the patriotic working class, which has been abandoned by Islington Labour – and UKIP can make great strides in putting British people at the top of the pile.

Thunderous applause!

He goes onto the inner-party distractions which makes the Party look like a jigsaw that has been emptied onto the floor – “The New Leader must put it back together, and that can only be achieved. Paul goes on to say that his and Nigel’s stepping down must mean stepping down, and no coming back.

The New Leader must lead UKIP – a UKIP for everyone, not a Faragiste or Carswellite factions. Huge applause!

Paul calls for the new leader to talk to people, to let bygones be bygones – look outwards, do not get down in internal squabbles. Focus on fighting UKIP’s enemies, and not on fighting each other. Thunderous applause!

“Do not allow democracy to be abandoned in this Party – members must be involved” – proposing an elected political board in addition to an NEC based on regional elections.

Paul thanks members for their support over the years.

“Never forget you are the Party’s lifeblood. Without you, the members, the Party would be nothing!”

Long, standing ovation for Paul Nuttall!




Update 10.10

Lord Stevens, our representative in the House of Lords is up next.

“Welcome to Mr Cameron’s retirement party” – the audience erupts in laughter and applause. Lord Stevens goes on describing the Project of Fear we faced … like the Leave campaign wouldn’t listen to experts, especially economic experts, and ‘now those experts eat their words after Brexit’ … ‘where are the doom-laden predictions of Cameron, Osborne, the Wall Street Banks?’ he asks.

Lord Stevens compares the actual economic facts post-Brexit, “even the numbers on the dole are up — I read this again: even the numbers on the dole fell …” the audience sniggered loudly.

He closes with a tribute to Nigel – and to all the older members who kept working over the years – and to the 17 million people who voted for Brexit, and with a call for Party Unity. “We must rally round our new leader, whoever that may be – the fight is not over yet.

Lord Stevens then goes on to address the Leave campaign, the fact the UKIP was called ‘toxic’ but the official Leave campaign, and talks about immigration, and the huge numbers coming in, saying that it is not racist to talk about this issue.

He ends this recapitulation saying that never underestimate an opponent, especially if that’s a swivel-eyed loon …

Huge applause and laughter!

Lord Steven warns of delaying to get Brexit, saying that if we cant get the ECA Act repealed, or Article 50 implemented, while Brussels units to work against us, then we should go for … UDI …

Huge, standing ovation for Lord Stevens!

Update 10.00

William Dartmouth is the first speaker, looking back on our achievement in the EU Referendum.

“Over 500 Parliamentary seats voted to leave.”

“We won the battle but have not won the war”, he says, naming the Kinnocks those who want to scupper our victory. A member int he audience shouts “and the BBC!”  and gets laud laugher and applause.

William Dartmouth goes on to give data comparing trade agreements of single countries with those in the EU.. Access to the EU market does not depend on having EU membership.

China and the USA export more to the EU than we in the UK do – and they do not have trade agreements with the EU, nor are they members. They trade within the framework of the WTO, and that is an option for the UK. we must leave though because our voice at the WTO is submerged in the EU. Once we’re off, we can reactivate our seat which is only in abeyance.

William Dartmouth then points out that countries trading with the EU do not have requirement for free movement of people in return to free access to the single market. Only two of the EFTA states (Norway and Iceland) have such agreement, Switzerland and Liechtenstein don’t. He goes on to say that only the BBC and the MSM still maintain that we must accept free movement.

Huge applause on William Dartmouth’s hilarious hits on the biased BBC, and even more when he appeals for a Medal of Freedom of which Nigel should be the first recipient – and for a public bank holiday on June 23rd.

Update 9.45

Paul Oakden calls Conference to order and pays tribute to Nigel – huge applause!

He pays tribute to Steven Crowther – and goes on to say that this conference will listen to the new leader, and ‘show our virtue that sets us apart from the old parties: showing our unity.”

Being unpleasant to each other on social media is not what this party is about, he says.

And huge applause for reminding that UKIP was the winner of the EU Referendum.

He hands over to Diane Belk, UKIP South West, who welcomes Conference to Bournemouth.


Doors opened at the Bournemouth International Centre a bit after 8.30 a.m., and queues were already evident.

Conference will start at 9.45 a.m. with a greeting by the Chairman, Paul Oakden, followed by the welcome from  Diane Belk, UKIP South West.

William Dartmouth, MEP,  Lord Stevens, UKIP Peer and Paul Nuttall MEP, outgoing deputy leader, are the speakers from 10 a.m. to the coffee break at 11.

Representatives of the Press are attending en masse, cameras, microphones and Video cameras at the ready.They’re spending the waiting time interviewing members.

I’ve spotted several ‘High Ups’ and exchanged friendly greetings with them. I’ve also met already a couple of our contributors and readers. Looking good for our Fringe Meeting!

Nigel, in case you were wondering, will be speaking at 11.45 a.m.

This is the first ever Live Blog on UKIP Daily.

We’re reporting from inside the venue, and aim to give brief resumes of the speeches.

In case you’ve not come across a Live Blog, this is how it works:

Remarks and reports are entered, with a timeline, and published continuously. New entries are labelled “Update”, and they will be entered above the older entries. So you read it from the bottom up. Enjoy – and let us know what you think!



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