Update 14.56:

The next speaker, greeted with a standing ovation, is Steven Woolfe.

He starts with paying tribute to Ray Finch – and jokes about being on time. The audience laps it up … laughter and applause follow …

Steven follows with  congratulations to Diane James – and a huge tribute to Nigel Farage.

“We did it- the people choose hope over fear” – a review of the EU referendum campaign. The elite who voted for remain have been a stain on our country.

Steven pays tribute to us grass roots, and to the 17  million who voted to leave.

He goes on joking about the Remainers – comparing them to bands (“Bob Geldof is on a rather large foghorn”) and jokes about the EU Commission. The audience laps it up – especially the he says there’s anew TV programme now, called “Britain has balls”.

The audience laughs happily.

But, seven says, turning serious, there’s a huge hunger especially in the North, and we, UKIP, must address them: lower wages, crisis facing the NHS, the elderly: UKIP must now stand and represent the people who have been let down by the establishment, metropolitan parties.

“We believe in Britain, we believe in the ability of our people – we must provide a voice for those who have been abandoned by the establishment parties. And that’s why we must get into Westminster.”

UKIP is a party which must tackle problems head  on, speaking for the aspirations of the art working Britons, and that it’s about our identity, about quality of life, not just economic success. we must force through grammar schools for every town in our country.

‘We must speak up when we head into the wrong direction – we must unite in one movement to ensure that Brexit means Brexit – 0ur country needs us”

Steven gets a great standing ovation!

Update 14.38:

The next speaker is Ray Finch

As this is such a crucial time for our party and nation, ray will speak about the future for UKIP and the nation – not about fish.

Ray pays tribute to us grassroots, but warns that while the establishment and MSM want to bury us, we’re more ended than ever. “The old disgraced parties are no longer in touch with the people.”

HeRay says that we’re not like the disgraced Cameronians because we don’t use weasel words, or use focus groups , we don’t aim to carve out special victim groups to win marginal seats.

Ray says we need to make sure that our people are housed, clothed, educated and kept safe. “Stop the over-reliance on continuous micro testing and let teachers teach. Stop  catchment areas, helping social mobility for our nation.

Cost of housing is staggering – restriction on planning, huge increase in population, so we need new council houses. We need to build houses fit for families to live in – we need to reverse that.  Councils building new homes for British people to live in, with priority to armed forces, would stop the pernicious land banking.

he advocates changes in supporting small businesses.

“The NHS is failing – we need to fix the NHS, and stop diverting money out of the NHS, we must stop the PPF. Let the NHS sell the loans to fund new hospitals. And we don’t need immigration to run the NHS. “Let’s train our own nurses!” says Ray to huge applause.

“Stop energy tax on the elderly! That is barbaric – let’s stop it! we owe our elderly a debt – let’s pay it!” More huge applause form the audience.

“We need a full coastal guard – we need to build our own ships – we need to restore our fisheries – let’s believe in Britain by building in Britain! And we want our fisheries back – and if the government dos ‘t do this, then the Thames Flotilla will be like a quiet outing on a boating lake!

Audience in the hall applauds thunderously.

“Leaving the EU was just the start – and we can guide our nation, because we are the only party who believes in Britain!”

Yes = another standing ovation for Ray Finch!



Update 14.25;

The next speaker is Jim Carver MEP, Commonwealth spokesman

He starts with a tribute to Nigel and Paul – and to all of us grassroots kippers, ‘who have got our country back’.

Jim wants to look at our new relationship with the Commonwealth – the globe’s oldest network.
Now that we have control of our own trade policy, wen can set an example of ‘trade not aid’ –  providing real opportunity to Africa, for example.

We can do this because of the Commonwealth network, because they see us as leaders. The world order has shifted, power shifting to emerging nations. Events that happen in one part of the world have now ramifications across the world. Therefore we must work together, says Jim.

Research found for example that exports between Commonwealth countries export was much higher than if one country was not a member. Thus trade worth billions of dollars happens amongst Commonwealth countries. The Commonwealth network links us to other global networks, such as ASEAN, or the African Union countries, the Pacific economic organisation.

All this helps us to compete in those emerging market.

We have a strong interest to see that all in the Commonwealth share democracy and the rule of Law.

We in UKIP have led our country back into the world.


Peter Lundgren MEP, Swedish Democrats

“The British had guts – you always had guts – you let nobody bully you.” Peter is a member of the EDDF. He supported Brexit.

“You have become the beacon of light, you have done what everybody said was impossible to do” . Peter says it means a lot for his party to have toe cooperation of UKIP, and that is a great example for the Swedish Democrats.

“When there is ac critical voice speaking out loud in the EU Parliament, you can be sure it is a UKIP MEP.”

Peter honours Nigel – and says he is ins one parts bigger in Sweden than some Swedish politicians. For him, UKIP became like a family in the EU Parliament, and Peter will still work with Nigel because he is still an MEP.

More and more people are now hoping to leave the EU. In Sweden, 60% of the legislations comes from the EU. The Swedish government – a socialist government – cannot take care of their own people any longer because of immigration: that’s where the money is being spent on, not on the native population.

He explains how suddenly the Swedish politicians are saying what the Swedish Democrats have been says for some time – ‘hypocrisy on the highest level’.

“Our responsibility is to take care of your own country and not of the rest of the world’ – but many Swedish politicians have not understood this, nor have the ‘Elite’ in Brussels.

Peter Lundgren closes with a heartfelt tribute to Nigel.

We have a new Leader! It is Diane James.  The announcement and her speech have been published separately in an article on UKIP Daily.

In the remaining hour of  this afternoon there are several speakers which are worth listening to and which will be live-blogged here.

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