Update 11.55:


Long, loud standing ovations from the crowd – whistles, shouting – you had to be there!

“We did it – and we would have not done it without you – the People’s Army of UKIP!”

Nigel describes his long journey from the beginning: ‘It was a matter of principle”, and talks about how he was the first ever adopted ¬†UKIP candidate, beating Screaming Lord Sutch …

The crowd in the hall is huge, standing room in the aisles and the back. The applause is deafening, the laughter is wonderful.

You should be able to watch the video – link will be provided once I have it.

Nigel again and again emphasises that this huge success from winning first place in 21014 to Brexit would not have been possible without us.

“We got rid of a Prime Minister – we got rid of a Chancellor …” the room erupts.

“We have to guard against people who join the party to promote their own careers in professional politics.”

Nigel says that it’s us who need to keep pushing on the agendas which government and Parliament are now talking about.

“We haven’t even started harvesting Labour votes’ …

Update 11.36

Steven Crowther gets a standing ovation from the audience, going to say good-bye and thank you, giving some advice,, and introducing Nigel at the end.

He speaks about the NEC: ‘before you sweep something away, be clear what you will put in place …”

“The NEC is not perfect, but generally a delight to work with – but it became a crucible of bickering and infighting in the last year.’

UKIP under its new leader must get its house in order quickly and must get UKIP back into battle order.

‘The country needs UKIP now more than ever.’

Steven Crowther talks about Brexit, the various politician working against it, and gets continuous applause.

He quotes Tony Benn who said that when the British People speak, Politicians must tremble.

Steven then takes a look back to historical events, namely peasants marching on parliament, saying that if Brexit doesn’t happen, there would be a similar uprising. He goes on to mention that what the MSM gleefully said as ‘gaffes’ to put people off, but people wanted to hear what he said and voted for him, for UKIP – and in the end winning Brexit.

This is followed by a brief video of Nigel ‘through the ages.

(Personal remark: gawd, wasn’t looking young twenty years ago …)

Morning session continuing, with Paul Oakden introducing Steven Crowther and Nigel Farage.

The wifi connection is a bit random at the moment, so no lead picture is available right now. Apologies.

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