Looking back, we can surely all agree that Conference this year truly deserves all the accolades, from inspiring and enthusiastic to flat-out brilliant – speakers and audiences alike.
We already notice the desperate attempts by the establishment party hacks to ridicule UKIP by homing in on one proposal to the exclusion of all others: the ‘WAG’-Tax!
Isn’t it extraordinary how the left is so concerned about a luxury tax that they write about nothing else, while not mentioning the abolishment of income tax on minimum wages at all. It was only proposed by the same speaker, Patrick O’Flynn, in the same speech ….

There were so many good speeches which have attracted attention, but there is one I want to single out, especially at this time where we’re again entering a war of uncertain duration and uncertain extent. That is the war against ISIS, and a war it is, no matter that President Obama coyly calls it a ‘counter-terrorist campaign’.

I am referring to the speech by Mike Hookem MEP which he gave on Friday morning.
In it he talked about UKIP policies aimed at our veterans.
Foremost of these is the creation of a Veterans Dept, similar to the one in the USA. It is indeed scandalous that not only do we have a scatter-gun approach as to how we deal with our veterans, but that they are left alone to muddle through the thicket of voluntary and charitable organisations aiming to help – with no support from governments which has had them fight continuously now for over a dozen years, and with more warfare in prospect.

Mike Hookem raised other points which will be UKIP policies – from giving priority in housing and NHS treatment and rehabilitation to veterans, especially those maimed during the Afghan campaigns. I love the charity “Help for Heroes”, but find it shameful that this charity had to be set up because government did and does nothing.
So this UKIP policy is a great step in the right direction.

It is only right that veterans and their families should have priority in housing over immigrants who have not put their lives on the line or shed their blood for this, our country, and it is only right that the treatment of their injuries, physical or mental, must have priority over others, especially that of International Health Tourists!

Finally, Mr Hookem rightly pointed out that it is wasteful not to make use of the skills our veterans have acquired during their active service. So his proposal to open jobs to them in the police, the Border forces, as teachers, by giving them further training, makes eminent sense.

It really is well past time we treated our veterans and our future veterans, the soldiers embarking on yet another campaign, with the respect they have earned more than anyone else, and gave them the support they so amply deserve.

Mike Hookem’s speech is one I hope will not be overlooked!

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