Now, this is just going to sound like conspiracy nonsense but, as they say, just because it sounds like nonsense, how do you know, for sure, that there isn’t a conspiracy? Just for once, tuck away your cynicism, read the article below and  –  think hard.

There are two main questions:

Why are the Governments of the larger countries of Europe so desperate to keep the European Union going and, indeed, to expand to the outer borders of the continent and beyond, for instance to Muslim Turkey?  And…

Why are the Governments of the West in general so lax, or even encouraging, about the spread of Islam throughout Christendom?

To answer the first question, there seem to be two sensible reasons. After the two World Wars in the last century and so many across Europe during the last thousand years, the obvious reason is to prevent such wars ever happening again. And that leads on to the secondary reason of trade: you don’t want to ruin countries you are trading with.

As mentioned in a previous article (The Rise of Global Unions), countries from the EU to Africa, to the USA and the Far East, are now being brought together ostensibly to form trading unions. The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) between Mexico, the US and Canada, was probably the first in 1994. The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) and The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) are the latest. But just as Britain put a spoke in the EU wheel by voting for Brexit, the talks on an EU and Canada Trade Agreement have, for the moment, been stopped by an even smaller country, Wallonia: a federal region of Belgium.

But are trade and the prevention of wars, the only reasons for all these Unions?

Here comes the first part of the ‘conspiracy theory’: a New World Order.

The idea that behind the scenes The Powers That Be (whoever they are) have been trying to create a One Country Called ‘The Earth’ has been around for at least 30 years now. In one way, as with the ‘One Country Called Europe’, it sounds a benevolent idea:  world trade but no world wars.  Wonderful.  Just what the Christian churches and the media ‘luvvies’ in the West have always wanted.

But ever since man lived in caves, ever since his family needed a larger cave and he needed more animals to hunt for food as well as more territory in which to spread his genes, men have fought one another, and always will.  So  what that Global Country will need is a Global Government – a dictatorship or at least an authoritarian government – to run it.  But although such a Government could call on troops from all ‘member states’, even that wouldn’t be enough to stop wars which in the end are always going to prevent its complete formation in the first place and its maintenance thereafter.

But: religion might.

And here comes a possible answer to the second question of just why the West seems so happy to accept the spread of Islam while the media and even the its clerics have downplayed Christianity for years. When was the last time you saw a Christian on TV who wasn’t either mad or bad?

A possible reason might be that the Christian Faith is too ‘soft’, relying on love, charity, trust and forgiveness to preserve whatever civilisation we now have. Today’s Christianity would never be forceful enough to create One World whether their flocks wanted it or not. So the West is learning to adapt itself to a stronger religion, Islam.

Islamophobia is now a recognised crime. When she was Home Secretary, Theresa May insisted that many British people ‘benefit a great deal’ from the guidance offered by the Islamic Law; the former Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, also recommended ‘the application of the Islamic Sharia Law in certain circumstances’.

But while Islam is said to be religion of peace, we now know there are various sects within it which are far from peaceful and are indeed, barbaric. Since the first bombing of the New York Trade Centre in 1993, followed by the killing of some 3000 people during the destruction of the Twin Towers in 2001, these sects have slaughtered their way across the world, often killing more Muslims from other sects than Christians and ‘Infidels’ in general. And whichever sect comes out on top will have an increasingly large area in which to spread their faith.

Western troops have been fighting the Taliban, Al Quaeda and the ‘so-called’ Islamic State for the past 15 years in Afghanistan and in the Middle East. The British in particular have not always had great success – possibly owing to the huge cuts in military spending over the past years, and to the fact that the various British Governments have allowed the prosecution of soldiers by civilians for ‘war crimes’. Whether deliberate or not, this has created both low morale and low recruitment figures in all the forces.

It is these wars which have resulted in vast numbers of civilian refugees fleeing from their war-destroyed homes and countries. Other migrants, also seeking a better, safer life, have streamed north from African countries. And since the rich Muslim Gulf States and Saudi Arabia either refuse to take, or take very few, of their co-religionists, many of these refugees and migrants naturally head across the Mediterranean to Europe. Others find their way to Australia, New Zealand and to North America where Islam is becoming very vocal. Therefore the West has and for the foreseeable will continue to have, an increasing Islamic population.

So there’s the conspiracy and I strongly hope that it is, in fact, nonsense.   But while some things happen by chance and some by incompetence, in some cases intentions can be judged by results.

(I had better say no more or our Police, who no longer enforce free speech, may be knocking at my door one early morning!)


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