I am a slow but deep thinker and after much deliberation often have insights that others have missed.  This is what makes me better as an author than as a public speaker. I need time to respond to others points of view.

I have now realised that the so called Withdrawal Agreement is much more than ‘Remain Forever’ – it is exactly how the EU responds to every crisis, not by addressing it but taking a step towards closer union.

Mrs May went to Brussels last summer and met with Angela Merkel and returned to the UK with a document.  It may have been written in English although it likely was written in German and she had an English translation.  Literary experts have already stated that the text is not quite normal for English but is perfect when translated to German.

The so called Withdrawal Agreement plans to set up Joint EU-UK Committees for every important part of our governance and in the case of any dispute where the EU part and the UK part cannot agree it can be put to the European Court of Justice to decide.  This means the UK team, if they are not Europhiles, can never win any debate against the EU side.

Let us call the committee members Political Managers (formerly Civil Servants) and let us call the several committees the Joint EU-UK Commission.  These will be the people who in future will formulate all our laws, regulations, and directives, many of which will emanate from the EU Commission.

In future then Parliament will only have to deal with inconsequential local issues.  If any issue is of more profound importance the UK Parliament will pass it up to the Joint Commission for consideration and formulation, so when it comes back down it only needs to be nodded through.

The House of Lords will become in effect the UK Council discussing profound political issues before referring these also to the Joint Commission for consideration and legislation.

Now it is clear what the Withdrawal Agreement intends.  It is to change the constitution of the UK into a model of the EU with a Council, a Commission, and an elected Parliament that gives the illusion of democracy.  It will have succeeded in separating the electorate from those who formulate our laws and over whom ‘the people’ have no control.

The EU will have achieved probably the most decisive battle in the war to create a Global Environmental Socialist World Government by taking over the Mother of All Parliaments.

We have had a Parliamentary Representative Democracy with all adult franchise since 1928 when women over the age of 21 finally received the vote.  We thought we had achieved a delegate democracy where our so-called representatives had to enact our wishes but it was never the case.

Representative Democracy means they are the political operatives that you pass your political rights to during the term between elections. This means they are the elite and don’t have to follow the will of their electors until it comes time to re-elect them when they make the same old promises, which in many cases they have no intention of enacting.

But the elite have never liked democracy and have always worked to limit the power of the electorate. It has always been postulated that some form of political technocracy would be better than allowing the electorate to have sovereignty over government.

This was further rammed home by the multi-millionairess Gina Miller when she successfully took the government to court over whether they could use the Prerogative Power of the Statutory Instrument (SI) to trigger Article 50.

Both the High Court and Supreme Court ruled that they could not use an SI to change a Statute, namely the European Act 1972, even though the Maastricht Treaty and the Lisbon Treaty had each used the SI to amend the previous Statute EA1972.

In effect this said that signing both those treaties was retrospectively illegal. Then they have compounded that by asking the EU to extend the Leave date to obtain a ruling in EU law that takes precedence over domestic law and subsequently used the SI to validate it. Even though an SI cannot be used to amend the statute that was passed to trigger Article 50!

What this tells us quite clearly is the Parliament has the power to override Parliamentary Precedence and even to act contrary to the High Court and Supreme Court ruling of the Gina Miller case in order to keep extending the leave date until they first get Theresa May’s ‘Remain Forever’ deal through to further change the constitution and apply further limits on UK democracy.

Robin Tillbrook of the English Democrats is taking the government to the High Court about this and he is in the right but the High Court and Supreme Court are now firmly politicised and I see no way that they will be able to act against the establishment and will find erroneously as they did in the Gina Miller ruling.

That then leaves only two routes to defeating Theresa May and her awful deal.

  1. For the Leave Tories to defect and create a new party, possibly attracting some Labour Leave MPs, thereby bringing the government down and triggering a general election and also stopping the Cooper Letwin bill from becoming law. That in itself will take us through the 12th April Leave date and solve the problem.
  2. To start violent demonstrations that have little hope of stopping her getting her deal through. That is unlikely to achieve Leave and will lead to civil war after she arms the police and brings in the army and ultimately ask the EU to send in Eurogendfor, EU storm trooper. Then the whole of Europe goes up in flames again. 

Unfortunately it so far is clear that the ERG and other Leavers just don’t have the balls to defect and keep delaying it in the hope of remaining within a functional Parliamentary Tory Party. I fear this is going down the path of violence and the elite are driving us there.


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