Taken from Lee Rotherham “The EU in a Nutshell” published by Harriman House 2012. This is JUST the cost of the Parliament itself, not of running the entire EU budget which runs to around €150 Bn.


Cost (€ million)

MEPs salaries


MEP Travel expenses


Costs of MEP carrying out their duties


Subsistence and representation costs for the EP’s President


MEP sickness and accident budget


Budget for severely disabled MEPs assistance


Budget for retiring MEPs in non-election year


Pay and allowances for Parliamentary staff


Budget for new staff joining, leaving or transferring


Cost of conference interpretation


Social welfare costs


Costs of social contacts


Cost of medical service


Nurseries’ cost


Rent and lease costs


Maintenance and cleaning costs


Energy costs


Security costs


Fleet services budget


Cost of moving between Brussels and Strasbourg


Entertainment budget


Budget of in-house travel agency


Archive consultancy budget


Budget of visits to the EP


Peace prize and other prizes budget


Budget of dedicated TV channel


EP Information Office budget


Budget of MEPs’ staff



€ 1.268 Billion  


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