As the live blog has become too long and unwieldy, we continue with the most important event of today: the vote count and the result. I repeat from the Live Blog, and then go on:


16.40: Oakden starts with giving thanks to the staff at Lexdrum House – very well received indeed! Then he thanks us grassroots … good applause. Mention is made about the Collins cause – we won’t let Labour bully us off the pitch …



1604 slips issues = 1378 received back – 11 spoilt

Bolton to go: 867 –  63%

Bolton to stay: 500 – 37%

Therefore Bolton has been rejected as as leader.

‘Keep the faith with the party’

The NEC will make a quick decision regarding the Interim Leader.

~~  00  ~~

‘Take your seats – we’ll make the announcement shortly” – [This may be brief because the Welsh contingent will have to leave to catch their coach back!]

~~  00  ~~

It is extremely difficult to predict the outcome. It is even difficult to discern when the announcement will be made. So bear with me.

There’s a general murmuring in the hall, people are wandering up and down. I’ve not been able to meet our Associate Editor, Debbie – but have met “Donald Duck” ..

~~  00  ~~

16.12: While the count is going on, some camera people were allowed in to film the count. There were also photographers. They had been excluded during the speeches, but obviously, the announcement of the ballot is of importance even to the MSM, so they are now infesting the front of the hall and the aisles.

Many members have already or are going home – after having cast their ballot. The Welsh coach leaves at 5 pm – let’s hope we have the result before that.

~~  00  ~~

As I mentioned at the beginning (see below): all members had to register before they were allowed in. Upon registering they ere issued with an orange card which they had to present on entry into the hall. Those cards were exchanged for the ballot paper. The ballot had two boxes: support the NEC decision – no support for the NEC Decision.

Right now the orange cards are counted and checked against the ballot paper numbs. The numbers must be the same.

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