What country does not have any native owned manufacturers anymore?

What country deliberately destroyed its own manufacturing base?

What country deliberately destroyed its mining industry?

What country deliberately destroyed its fishing fleets?

What country has deliberately dis-employed 80% of its native workforce?

What country has 77% of its employed in Government services?

What country has a Deficit of  £1500,000,000,000?

What country has a private debt of 180,000,000,000 and rising?

What country has borrowed annually 1.5 times is GDP?

What country has a real unemployment figure of 9,500,000?

What country allows 1,000 global corporation to pay no tax?

What country has to subsidise 95% of all new jobs with tax credits to keep employment figures down?

What country has an average house prices 15 times the average wage

What country deports its own citizens to filthy foreign gaols for crimes that are not even “crimes” in this land – crimes like insulting a Polish bureaucrat?

What country allows 30,000 pensioners to die in hospital every year?

What country allows 20,000 pensioners to freeze to death every year?

What country has built two aircraft carriers without aircraft?

What country has reduced its armed services to a gendarmerie quite incapable of defending this country?

What country tolerates out of control gun crime on its streets?

What country tolerates out of control drugs on its streets?

What country demonises its own history and Christian faith?

What country refuses to call Christian festivals by their ancient names like Christ- MASS- The Mass of Christ in favour of “Winter Holidays”, and even sending police on raids ordering householders to remove Christmas decorations that are deemed offensive?

What country has a Constitution whose politicians and executive refuse to acknowledge?

What country has had a Bill of Rights since 1688/9 and yet whose politicians refuse to acknowledge it?

Which country allows its subjects to be subjugate to a foreign power when the Constitution specifically forbids this?
You live in it right now!!!
The UK…..

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