Poll: Survation have UKIP up 4 : 

poll 21 sept 14

Breitbart: UKIP surge to 23% in latest poll: 

UKIP:- Sunday Times: Put UK workers first says Farage: (Synopsis only; subscription required) 

Common Sense:- Libertarian Voice: Are UKIP a Racist Party? 

Fomer Labour candidate to stand for UKIP:

EUreka:- Blondes face prison under new EU anti-Terror-Laws:

Political Thoughts Magazine: The European Union – What happens on November 1st 2014:


General Election 2015

Scotland:- Referendum fallout: Mail: I demand that the shamefully unfair Barnett Formula is scrapped, by Lord Barnett, the architect  of the hated subsidy to Scotland: 

Mail: Bungling trio who almost blew the UK apart:

Mediaocre:- Thousands march in cities around the world demanding action on climate change: (Greens euphoric)

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