Common Sense:- York Press: UKIP MEP Jane Collins launches electoral campaign in York

Wisbech Standard: UKIP select housing spokesman Andrew Charalambous for NE Cambs

Halesowen News: Dudley UKIP councillors reject 2.2% pay rise and urge colleagues to follow suit

Kent-Online: UKIP gain councillor from Conservatives in Maidstone

Scunthorpe Telegraph: UKIP unveils North Lincolnshire council candidates

GE2015:- Stoke Sentinel: Stafford Hospital services closed and transferred to Royal at Stoke which is the worst performing hospital in the UK and this is what Stafford patients will now suffer

Telegraph: Wounded war veterans forced to fund their own care

The Spectator: Conservatives website glitch ‘reveals’ non-target Tory seats

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Snoutsinthetrough blog: New strategy, chaps. Stop smearing UKIP! Start ignoring them!

Daily Star: Rotherham sex victims were ‘sacrificed’ to avoid Labour losing votes in the Asian community

Daily Star: Rotherham scandal: Council spent 30K on training for staff in secretive society

YouGov: Voters believe government should do more, not less: (So depressing)

EUreka:- Huff-Post; Poland warns Cameron against pulling Britain out of the EU

PSE: Councillors selected to represent UK local government in EU

Mediaocre:- David Murrin: Beware of a cornered Putin (David gave a very good presentation at the 2013 SE Conference)

Live-Leak: Tactical nuke in Ukraine!?!

Breitbart: What secrets has PC Ali taken to the grave

Mail: Gipsy great- grandfather’s body could be exhumed after complaints from relatives of a muslim in the adjacent plot

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