UKIP:- Party Political Broadcast Tuesday 3rd February 2016: 

Statement from Nathan Gill MEP and Nigel Farage MEP 

Bill Etheridge MEP: Video: West Midlands region forced into combined authority designed around EU  loans and funds: 

Common-Sense: Express & Star: ‘Inclusive’ UKIP invites Muslim Iman to Wolverhampton conference: 

Home-Affairs:- Mail: Who will speak for England? 

BBC: Nearly 14,000 disabled people have mobility cars taken away: 

Mirror: Dozens of SAS veterans rejoin elite squad to tackle threat to UK from ISIS:

Express: Briton overlooked for chain restaurant job as Polish staff ‘refuse to work with English’

World-Affairs:- Express: Saudi Arabia struggles with austerity: 

EURef:- Express: EU deal farce: PM’s plan is already falling apart as it emerges sham reforms to be blocked:

Telegraph: Cameron prompts anger by telling MP’s to ignore the views of Eurosceptic grassroots members:

CAPX: How good could Britain become once it is free again:

Mail: PM bogwashed by a bloke who could have been his fag: Quentin Letts on yesterday in Parliament:

Telegraph: Downing St accused of using computer software to ‘gag’ Eurosceptic ministers:

The Spectator: Everything has gone right for the Eurosceptics. So why are they in crisis?

EUreka:- Mail: PM’s EU deal unravels as it emerges migrants from some countries will get higher child benefit than UK families: 

Politico: EU court says criminal record not enough to expel a migrant:

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