As per our note on Friday, Courant Times may not necessarily be a regular feature each day, so let’s appreciate this one while we can.

UKIP:- The Sun: This is how we should control our borders, says UKIP leader Nigel Farage

Jill Seymour MEP speaks at House of Lords reception:

Common-Sense:- Breitbart: Farage: NHS under threat If Britain stays in EU:

Express:  Voters will ‘despise’ Cameron like me if PM continues to ‘cry wolf’ over EU: says Farage: 

Brexit:- Express: New blow for ‘remain’ campaign as over 50’s overwhelmingly back Brexit:.

Express: France to hire ferries to send Calais migrants to Britain within hours of EU out vote:

Home-Affairs:- John Mann MP: Full details of massive European health bill UK pays out – and how little we get back: 

World-Affairs:- The Spectator: Turkey’s assault on press freedom is the act of a dictatorship, not a democracy:

EURef:- Express: EU to steal our coastline: Brussels to bring in new super-coastguard to overrule UK: 

Telegraph: EU Referendum: 200 small firm bosses and entrepreneurs tell Britons to vote for Brexit:

Talk2meradio: Jon Gaunt speaks out on the EU & Immigration: 

Yorkshire Post: Saqib Bhatti:  EU’s too small for a proud & free Britain: 

EUreka:- Breitbart: Senior German government figure calls for mandatory pork in school, government canteens: 

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