Opinium/Observer: Lab 33% Con 32% UKIP 18%  Gn 6% LD 5%
YouGov/Sun: Lab 35% Con 32% UKIP 15%  LD 7% Gn 6%  
Common Sense:- Mirror: Tory-UKIP pact chaos as Grant Schapps contradicts David Cameron: 
Mail: Tycoon who cost Liam Fox his cabinet job bankrolls bid to oust him as MP by donating £30,000 to rival UKIP candidate:
Express: UKIP takes on school for using their photos in holocaust lesson: 
Your Thurrock: Sitting Tory MP ducks out of hustings with Tim Aker:
Your Thurrock:  Cllr Tim Aker succeeds with his rubbish motion:
Huff-Post: Vince Cable mocks UKIP’s ‘weakness’ for opposing TTIP trade deal:
Mail: Peter Hitchens: Think Greece is in a mess? Wait till the UK’s debt mountain explodes in our face:

GE 2015:- Mail: Embarrassment for David Cameron as his cardiologist brother-in-law admits A&E is in crisis:

Express: Intercepted Russian bomber carrying nuclear missile over the channel:
Mail: Labour knives out for ‘loser’ red Ed: election panic grips party as big guns turn on ‘haunted’ Milliband:
Telegraph: Education secretary promises a return to a 1950’s education: It worked:
Mail: Isolated. Indecisive. A devastating critique on Ed Milliband by the editor of the Left’s in-house bible:
Yahoo: EU rules ‘problem for UK farmers’
Telegraph: Legalise sex at 13 to ‘stop old men abuse persecutions’, says top barrister:
Mediaocre:- Telegraph: Banning ritual slaughter would be a victory for racists:
Right Wing News: Israel releases footage of Iranian ICBM that could reach and strike the US!
Telegraph: Which ‘environment’ do the ‘environmentalists’ really care about?

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