By-election numbers: Clacton:- Carswell UKIP: 21113 59.75%:  Watling Con: 8709 24.64%: (Vote UKIP Get UKIP)


Heywood & Middleton:- McInnes Lab: 11633: 40.86%: Bickley UKIP: 11016 38.69%: Gartside Con:3496 12.28%: (Go to bed with Cameron wake up with Miliband)

By-election stories: Telegraph: Douglas Carswell wins in Clacton (numbers & graphs for both by elections are contained in this article)

UKIP:-  Telegraph: Happy Birthday Mr Cameron!

Independent Voices: Nigel Farage: Clacton by-election: What an incredible journey UKIP has been on – and now we stand on the brink of history:

Sky News: ‘We’re after you’: UKIP claims first elected MP:

Telegraph: Ed Miliband cannot ’empathise’ with Northern voters, says UKIP’s by-election candidate:

The Catholic Herald: Margot Parker: ‘The Bishops must meet with UKIP’

Common Sense:- Clacton Gazette: Young Independence launch Clacton branch:

The Economic Voice:  Look at UKIP’s combined by-election success:

Mirror: UKIP’s five weirdest policies:

Breitbart: UKIP’s By-Election results mask a huge tactical blunder:

Progress: For Fox Sake:

Mediaocre:- Northampton Chronicle: Northampton family of sick boy 5 with Leukaemia left without home:

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