As per our note on Friday, Courant Times may not necessarily be a regular feature each day, so let’s appreciate this one while we can:

UKIP: A vote to remain is a vote for Turkey…Nigel Farage

Nathan Gill MEP tops UKIP Wales election poll

Huff-Post: Louise Bours MEP: My wish for International Womens Day? The end of FGM once and for all

Douglas Carswell MP: “We will be better off as a country  If we can make decisions for ourselves”

Brexit: Yahoo: Norway’s $830 billion wealth fund to invest in UK after Brexit

ITV: Michael Gove & Gisela Stuart to head ‘Vote Leave’

The Sun: Revealed Her Majesty is a Brexiteer

YT: Dr Harry Beckhough Britain’s traitors: The truth about the money men and the ultimate goal

Yahoo Pro-Brexit ministers challenge the Prime Minister over EU migration

GBO: Life after Brexit: New research shows the UK is spoilt for choice

Home-Affairs: Pol-Home: Corbyn allies seek to change Labour rules to shore up leadership

Panorama Poll puts Gibraltar ‘out’ of EU

Telegraph: Turkish refugee deal is just another reminder that the EU means immigration

EUreka: Breitbart: EU commision interferes in five national budgets

Telegraph: Britain warned It wields no power in a German dominated EU

Mediaocre: Oucheroo! New star gives EU a spanking: Quentin Letts braves the women for Britain den

Express: The EU was never meant to be a democracy says Freddie Forsyth

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