UKIP:- UKIP blast Tory benefit raid on Britain’s most vulnerable people:

Chronicle: Nigel Farage on Newcastle Utd boss Steve McClaren, Rafa Benitez and Brexit:

Northern Ireland assembly candidates announced:

Common-Sense:- eureporter: #UKIP: Farage – ‘Vote remain for political union with Turkey, vote Leave If you believe in Britain’.

The Courier: UKIP leader David Coburn fuming over BBC snub for Question Time in Dundee:

Brexit:- Express: Scaremongering Cameron claims farmers will lose £300 million if Britain leaves the EU:

The Standard: Tory MEP Syed Kamal: I’m backing Brexit:

Breitbart: Iceland PM: Britain has no influence in EU, we’ll negotiate UK trade deal if it leaves: 

Yorkshire Evening Post: ‘Crazy’ EU laws hamper business believes boss of Silver Cross:

The Spectator: Obama’s wrong. Americans should back Brexit – and so should you!

Express:- ‘Let them leave!’ Annoyed French politicians starting to back Brexit: 

Home-Affairs:- The Sun: Throne a wobbly: Queen fumes at David Cameron as Nick Clegg tries to gag Brexit camp:

Mail: Did Dave’s chum Lord Crony break the law in a frantic bid to thwart UKIP?

Breitbart: A century before Donald Trump, Chrchill warned ‘no stronger’ retrograde force exists in the world’ Than Islam:

Telegraph: NI: Will this generous pensioner perk be axed?

Breitbart: London ‘more Islamic’ than Muslim world, says cleric:

World Affairs:- Breitbart: US Attorney General: We’ve ‘discussed’ prosecuting climate change deniers:

EURef:- GBO: Cameron’s EU deal is legal piffle:

Breitbart: EU slags off British steel:

Mail: Polish newspaper produces 20 page guide on how to make the most of the UK’s generous benefits system:

EUreka:- Express: Desparate Draghi’s last ditch bid to save Eurozone as interest rates slashed to zero:

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