UKIP:- Spectator:- Exclusive: Nigel Farage to remain as UKIP  leader in perpetuity

Common Sense:- Look who’s back

ITV: Nigel Farage & UKIP voters set everyone straight

BBC: Farage and Bennett on voting reform

Telegraph: Are Tories briefing against UKIP’s interim leader Suzanne Evans already?

Independent: How did UKIP do?  2 charts show why Nigel Farage has every right to complain

Douglas Carswell: Reasons for UKIP to be cheerful

Express: We should thank UKIP for its role in the general election says Leo McKinstry

BBC: Tories could work with UKIP after a tie in Boston local elections

EUreka:- Mail: EU to force Britain to take more migrant asylum seekers

Breitbart: Brussels spouts nonsense: Forces UK to accept Mediterranean migrants

Mediaocre:- Independent: 7 laws the Lib-Dems stopped the Tories from passing

Mirror: Fox hunting back on the agenda says Jeremy Hunt as Tories plan ‘radical blitz’ after election bloodbath

Yahoo:- Cameron must accept the SNP’s anti-austerity mandate, or the UK is finished

CAPX: This Scottish disaster is Labour’s fault

Breitbart:  Cheer up everybody. Cameron’s victory mans our side won

Mail: Peter Hitchens: Groundhog day comes round again

Guardian: Pro-European peers bid to ensure young will get a say in EU referendum

Evening Standard: Lord Sugar: Why I’m quitting the Labour party


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