Poll:- Survation for MoS: Lab-31% Con 31% UKIP 25% Lib-Dem 8% 
 Survation Poll post Clacton
 (Note: Phone number should be 01626 831290)

UKIP:- Mail: Right Minds: Nigel Farage: Why did we win? Because we don’t play you for fools:

Express:- Neil Hamilton: UKIP offers an exciting era and has Labour on the ropes:

Common Sense:- The Tory party is to politics what HMV is to music: “It’s Defunct” Douglas Carswell MP tells Andrew Marr:

Yahoo: UKIP surge to 25%:

Breitbart: UKIP Soars to 25%:  

Mail: UKIP on track for over 125 MP’s

Breitbart: Matthew Parris‘s year zero attitudes owe more to Pol Pot than Conservatism:

New Statesman: UKIP should examine its own record over a disability “tirade”

GE2015:- Akashic Times: David Cameron unveils plans to ban free speech and protest:

Mail: Pressure growing on Miliband as panicking MP’s throw brickbats: 

Telegraph: Scrap the climate change act to keep the lights on, says Owen Paterson:

MSN News: Met say police officers can confer over fatal shooting statements:

Mirror: Sick children with tonsillitis or glandular fever should still go to school, officials tell parents:

RT: British taxpayers fund sex change operation for 80 year old granddad: 

EUreka:- RT: ‘Ditch euro, defend Italy’s sovereignty!’ Eurosceptic leader calls for referendum: 

Mediaocre:- Mail: Immigrants, HIV and the true cost to the NHS:

Independent: Quagga mussels: ‘Most dangerous alien species‘ found in reservoir near Heathrow airport:



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