By-election result: Stamford North division, Lincs CC: UKIP 400, Lab,268, Ind 199, LDem, 142. from a standing start Councillor Robert Foulkes took the seat!

UKIP:- BBC Question Time 11-12-14 featuring Russell Brand and Nigel Farage:

Independent Voices: Nigel Farage’s take on the previous evening’s ‘Question Time’

Telegraph: Nigel Farage: Russell Brand straightens his chest hairs

If you missed the first ever commons debate triggered by a UKIP MP, you can watch it here

EDP: Nigel Farage says UKIP has it ‘all to play for’ after five West Norfolk councillors join

Wisbech Standard: five defections to UKIP

Common Sense:- Telegraph: Express newspapers owner Richard Desmond donates a six figure sum to the UKIP war chest

Mail: Quentin Letts reviews the bar brawl that was last night’s question time

GE 2015:- Sky News: Immigration failures hand killers citizenship

Breitbart: Britain home to 12,000 foreign criminals, including 800 murderers & 600 rapists

Mail: Army veteran and wife die in tragic ‘suicide pact’

Bradford Telegraph & Argus: NHS becoming ‘fragmented’

Express: Leo McKinstry dismantles the Labour argument for giving 16 year olds the vote

Breitbart: Essex university students to vote on banning UKIP

EUreka:- Telegraph: The euro is heading for disaster –What luck for David Cameron

Guardian: ‘Juncker’ acted like a business friend to Amazon says head of tax

Guardian: Fear of Farage stops EU’s elite from dealing with the Juncker problem

Breitbart: European protests call for rejection of militant Islam and peace with Russia

Mediaocre:- RussellBrand gives his take on his question time appearance

City AM: 10 bonkers(or are they) suggestions for 2015 from Saxo Bank

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