UKIP:- Tonight 13th Oct: BBC Documentary: “The Farage Factor” BBC1 8.30pm 

The Spectator: Why did Tory MP’s watch Carswell’s return in silence? It’s what they agreed in the tearooms, without the whips: Isabel Hardman 

Nigel Farage responds to plans for leaders’ debates

Common Sense:- Telegraph: Farage: July 2015 referendum is my price for propping up Tories

Telegraph: Douglas Carswell truly grasps the root of our malaise

The Star: Rotherham key UKIP target……..says Campaign Manager Paul Sykes

Mail: A Labour MP will be next to join UKIP, Carswell boasts as desperate Miliband promises Immigration crackdown

Scotsman: UKIP picking up support north of the border

Telegraph: Is Labour’s Austin Mitchell the next UKIP defector?

Sky: Broadcasters reveal leaders’ debate plan:

Mediaocre:- Daily Star: SAS team halt Islamic State attack in Iraq with just two shots

Guardian: Government to sell Eurostar stake before General Election

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