UKIP:- Listen to what Nigel Farage thinks about an outside smoking ban

By-Election News:- C4 news feature: Covering  Mark Reckless’s launch of the save Lodge Hill campaign

Independent: Rochester by-election: How UKIP could pull off more spectacular upset than in Clacton

Breitbart: Election law says 40K Tory splurge on ‘open primary’ will count towards Rochester spending limits

Telegraph: Conservatives flood Rochester– but deny UKIP ‘smear’ claims

Common Sense:- Get Reading: John Redwood MP: Surge in UKIP support comes as no surprise to me

GE2015:- Mail: Official Home Office report says for every 100 immigrants 23 Brits lose their jobs

The Spectator: Exclusive: Cameron hints at points-based immigration system in meeting with Tory right

Mail: Peter Hitchens: Tory & Boris lies on EU demonstrated perfectly here

Independent: Nigel Farage knows nothing about HIV and that’s really rather worrying: (The comments section shows how out of touch this women is)

EUreka:- euractive: Farage again denied key European parliament posts

Mediaocre:- Breitbart: Matthew Parris strikes again: Cyber-kippers are mental defectives

Guardian: Bloom departs UKIP with a warning for Carswell: Beware  the “svengali like” man of mystery running UKIP

Independent: NUS will condemn Israel & UKIP but not ISIS, because It’s ‘Islamaphobic’

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