UKIP:- Nigel Farage….Open borders & ISIS ( not to be found anywhere on mainstream media, they have an aversion to the truth!)

BBC News: UKIP’s Steven Woolfe on Labour copying UKIP

Rochester: The Final Push

Belfast Telegraph: NI businessman and DUP councillor join UKIP

Common Sense:- Daily Politics: Rochester & Strood: UKIP will win again

Telegraph: Labour’s new immigration policy: Out-UKIP UKIP, then pretend you haven’t

Lincs Echo: poll shows 69% of residents want UK to leave EU

GE2015:- FT: Tories should call off search for anti-UKIP strategy

Mail: Class from Klass as Ed is Paxmaned by Mylene

Independent: Sexual exploitation of children ‘widespread across England‘ according to report by MP’s

Conservative Woman: EU brainwashing of UK students is a disgrace

Independent: If there’s nothing in the Westminster paedophile ring stories, then prove it

Breitbart: Islamic State threatens slaughter on Western streets

thecommentator: Ditch anti-democratic Lib-Dems for EU referendum

EUreka:- thecommentator: EU puff, smoke and mirrors

Mediaocre:- Breitbart: Fox hunting shouldn’t be illegal, It should be compulsory

The Spectator: We know that war is hell. but it dosen’t ever make us stop doing it

SputNik News: Russia-India Air Force drills kick off

Economist: Ukraine shrinking country


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