Poll:- Latest Alan Bown Constituency poll: 

South Yorkshire PCC:-  swing from Lab to UKIP

              Barnsley                                           14%

              Doncaster                                         14%

              Rotherham                                       18%

              Sheffield                                            04%

Postal Vote Share              Labour  80%

UKIP:- Express Debate: ‘Britain is powerless within the EU‘ blasts UKIP MEP Gerard Batten: 

Huff-Post: UKIP MEP slams gay marriage supporters as ‘Equality Nazis’

Common Sense:- Mail: Cameron has admitted defeat to UKIP in Rochester by-election: Tories claim: 

Guardian: From UKIP to the Green party, the young people looking for an alternative:

GE2015:- Telegraph: Cheap immigrant labour has cost blue collar Britain dear:

Breitbart: Osborne Extremist speaking ban will be political correctness enforcement law:

EUreka:- Telegraph: How the fall of France could cement the rise of UKIP:

Express: EU Farce: Fury as Brussels limit British anglers to ONE sea bass per day: 

euractiv: Eurozone ‘a problem‘ for the world economy:

Mediaocre:- Mirror: MP’s & VIP’s ‘child abuse ring‘ at luxury flats near Parliament investigated by detectives:

Telegraph: UKIP the Movie: What would life be like under Prime Minister Nigel Farage:

Breitbart: The 21st century family unit, two unmarried mothers one pregnant & two children- how a  Birmingham bronze celebrates family:

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