Common Sense:- Express: UKIP members to attend gay pride parade despite ban by ‘hateful’ organisers: 

Independent: UKIP struggling after ‘massive’ election costs:

Express: Nigel Farage superfan gets tattoo of UKIP leader’s face:

Express: The £20m ‘no’ campaign from Britain’s richest entrepreneurs:

EURef: MSNTycoons to launch £20 million bid for Britain to quit the EU:

Telegraph: Millionaires prepare to launch £20 million non-political campaign for Britain to quit European Union:

New Statesman: The left wing case for leaving the EU:

EUreka:- Money & Markets: Greek bank run accelerating; Is it ‘game over’ soon?

Express: Leo McKinstry: Vote to stay in the EU and we’ll get the federal superstate:

Bruegel: European leaders want the UK to stay, but are best friends forever:

Sputnik: Slovak anti-immigration protesters tear up EU flag at Bratislava rally: 

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