UKIP:- Nigel Farage warned about Russia & Ukraine in 2008: 
UKIP candidate Brian Otridge takes the viewer on a journey around Southend detailing  why  a vote for him on May 7th is your only real option: 
Common Sense:- Buzz Feed News: Nigel Farage is avoiding the media in his bid to get into Parliament:
Independent IE: Nigel Farage: I’d be happy with Ireland in the Commonwealth:
Express: Nigel Farage plea for more care home cameras to stop abuse: 
Con-Home: What future awaits UKIP’s libertarians?
Herald: Coburn: It’s time for Scotland to go the UKIP way
BBC:- UKIP ‘to stand in every Scots seat’ at general election:
Express: European countries are being ‘drained’ by their EU membership, says Pole standing for UKIP:
Mail: UKIP Dads Army post attracts media flack:
Guardian: Majority of electorate would vote for UK to  leave EU in latest poll:
GE2015:- Telegraph: The man in the street is pi**ed off with both the main parties: Peter Barber BAE employee:
Times: Lib-Dems join Tories in TV debate snub: 
Telegraph: Proof we got a bad deal on offshore wind farms: 
Daily Star: Blind, deaf, and wheelchair-bound: British Ava not ‘disabled enough’ for benefits:
Telegraph: Farmers: UK losing ability to feed itself:
Breitbart:- As India spends £10 billion on warships & submarines, Britain finally realises it doesn’t need UK aid:
Telegraph: Islamic ‘radicals’ at the heart of Whitehall:
Mail: Town hall chief makes £105,000 running council in Essex from her home in Cyprus:
Mirror: Labour would win Grimsby with a paedophile as the candidate: Austin Mitchell MP:
EUreka:- Telegraph: Three EU dreams that have turned into nightmares:
RT: White Elephants in the room: How EU projects blow billions of euros amidst austerity talks:
Mirror Group: ‘Get out of Europe’ People readers favour leaving EU if it means tighter immigration control:
ComRes: Renegotiating with the public: What Europe has to say about Its union:
Mediaocre:- Mail: Loving couple banned from adopting because husband had e-cigarette:
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