Common Sense:- Express & Star: Watch UKIP leader Nigel Farage ‘was prveleged to meet’ former owner of Wolverhampton Wanderers  Sir Jack Hayward

Brexit:- The Constitution Unit: Does the Prime Minister have to trigger Brexit talks under article 50 after a vote to leave the EU?

Con-Home: Europe. How Conservative MPs break down. 1, Over half those backing remain are on the payroll

Breitbart: Head of European Institute: Brexit ‘better’ for everyone: Any problems for UK would be ‘short term’

Mail: Top firms snub prime Minister’s EU letter

CITYAM: Forget Boris for Brexit: Why the real story is David Cameron’s EU deal isn’t legally binding

EURef:- Breitbart: Watch George Galloway rips into BBC: ‘so childish’ coverage of EU referendum

Huff-Post: Trade Unions should wake up and realise the EU is no friend of workers: Paul Embery FBU

Mediaocre:- Mail: The hatred is now naked…It leaves a metallic tang on the tongue: says Quentin Letts

Mail: Boris is he the one with the hair-do like Boris Trump? Richard Littlejohn offers an American perspective on the upcoming EU referendum

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