Independent:- Sad death of former UKIP youth leader announced

YouGov Poll:- 22-1-15  Lab 33%, Con 31%, UKIP 17%, Grn 8%, LD 7%.

UKIP:- BBC Question Time 22-01-15 featuring Paul Nuttall MEP

Huff-Post: Nigel Farage: France does have no go zones, Mayor’s threat to sue Fox news is ‘Incomprehensible’

BBC: Patrick O’Flynn MEP calls David Cameron a timewaster

Common Sense:- UKIP blasts Britain’s ‘out of control’ bill as EU payment sees government borrowing soar

Kidderminster Shuttle: Call to scrap hospital car park charges

GE 2015:- Breitbart: Christian school forced to close, after children branded bigots for not knowing what a muslim was

Mail: 10 year old left in tears by Ofsted inspectors when she couldn’t tell them what lesbians were

EUreka:- Telegraph: Europol ‘to be given new internet watchdog powers

Express: Plan to deport foreign prisoners from UK branded ‘worthless’ after 9 states don’t sign

Telegraph: One last gasp for the ‘one-size-fits-all’ euro

Mediaocre:- The Spectator: Why is Westminster Abbey honouring the king of a country where christianity is illegal

Mail: Dan Hannan: Destiny lies with a booming Commonwealth

Breitbart: The Sun catches the feminazi’s with their pants down

Mail:- Privates on parade:Full frontal male nudity on he catwalk


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