Common Sense:-  WordPress: Press release: Blackpool give us back our lights demands Skegness UKIP  Councillor Robin-Hunter-Clarke: 

Home Affairs:- Express: Gordon Brown’s ex-adviser says panic-buy bottled water and tinned goods over China fears:

Express: Revealed: Kids Company splurged taxpayers’ cash to facilitate immigrants stay in the UK:

Express: Pension Shock: Experts say we must all work longer:

World Affairs:- We Up It: Donald Trump says global warming is a hoax:

Express: ISIS dig up and desecrate saint’s bones after bulldozing 1,600 yr-old Christian church:

EURef:- Telegraph: Peter Mandelson advising EU on stopping British exit: 

EUreka:- Express: Greece to leave euro after all? MPs in bid to cut from Brussels and return to drachma: 

Mirror: Rapists free to travel across continent because 22 EU states have no sex offenders register:

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